dokkenoriginal400 Dokken’s first three full-length albums- Breaking The Chains, Tooth And Nail, and Under Lock And Key– are being remastered as Special Deluxe Collector’s Editions by Rock Candy Records.

Each release contains fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, 16 page full color booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork, rare photos and a new interview with frontman Don Dokken. The Tooth And Nail remaster also includes the bonus tracks Just Got Lucky (single edit) and Alone Again (live in Japan).

Each of these re-releases, and several other classic remasterings, can be purchased direct from Rock Candy Records at

Issued in 1981 through Elektra Records, the superior, revised and remixed version of Dokken’s European debut Breaking The Chains attracted instant acclaim and featured several Dokken classics, including I Can’t See You, In The Middle, Seven Thunders and the full throttle title track itself.

Originally released in 1984, Tooth And Nail captivated Dokken’s audience with an array of classy hard rock, big on hooks and full of energy. Songs such as Into The Fire, Heartless Heart and the power ballad Alone Again helped to place Dokken firmly in the big league and resulted in a platinum album.

Produced by British studio wizard Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Kansas, Autograph) and Michael Wagener (Motley Crue, Extreme), 1985’s Under Lock And Key is generally regarded as one of Dokken’s best albums, giving rise to a number of classics, including The Hunter, Unchain The Night, It’s Not Love and the chart hit In My Dreams.

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  • luke on

    I’m actually quite excited to hear this announcement. I have nvwr listened to Dokken much except for a song here and there. But last year I bought lock and key just for fun. What a cool album. I really dug the whole thing pretty much from beginning to end. Even Will the Sun Rise, which sounds real dated, got stuck in my brain. Good to have the chance to get all three albums remastered.

    Anyone care to give me their recommendation as to which is best (I probably will get one at a time)?

    • Dana on

      This just my opinion, for what is worth, I would get both Tooth And Nail and Under Lock And Key.

      I am surprised that Back For Attack was not remastered too. Although, I am not sure that it is needed as Lynch’s guitar sounds really great on this record. BFTA is an excellent album that is sadly underrated and could possibly be my favorite Dokken record.

      Dana from 🙂

    • luke on

      Thanks for the recommendations!

      And you are right about back for the attack. I am slow surprised that it wasn’t remastered but you never know how deals go. In researching Dokken, ‘back’ got some good reviews and strong songs.

    • Dana on


      I really like that record and cannot say enough good things about it. If you are into Lynch’s “sound” as a guitarist, this album is precursor to his sound on the first Lynch Mob record. If you can listen to some song samples from Back for the Attack on either Amazon or youtube, I highly encourage it. I don’t think you will disappointed.

      Dana from 🙂

    • DR on

      Tooth and Nail is by far my favorite album. I like all of the albums with the original four. But Tooth and Nail was my intro to the band and I bought the cassette, then the CD, and now have on my IPOD. Without Warning and then the title track are still favorites of mine. George absolutely cooks on that album (yes you heard me, I said album).

    • robert on

      get dysfunctional & give it a chance my fav dokken over all

  • Dale Barak on

    I would get Under Lock and Key first. Lynch’s guitar is awesome throughout on that album.

    • DR on

      I liked ULK too, but it was a little too polished for my liking. That was their initial foray into looking like a hair metal band. But there are alot of great tunes on it as well.

  • Todd on

    Love dokken. Saw them open for y and t and dio. Holy diver tour. Dokkens first album. I remember going wow, that band just kicked me in the teeth. Been a fan ever since. Lynchs new album with “slow drag”. Is really good. Not many guitar players like him left. Rock on!

  • Nic on

    I was hoping they would do something for the 30th anniversary of Tooth and Nail this year. In a perfect world situation, I’d love to see the original band get back together one more time, do a Tooth and Nail anniversary tour, and play the album in its entirety. By far my favorite 80’s hard rock band from my high school years and one of the most underrated bands from that era that get tagged with the “hair band” stigma. I’ve also got to say Dana has some excellent musical tastes. Eddie should bring her on TMS for an appearance in the future with the guys.

    • DR on

      Reunion will never happen. Too much hatred between George and the ‘lead singer’.

  • Todd on

    I remember the “Breaking the chains” video was so epically bad. It had a sword and sorcery theme, and was beyond silly. Having said that, I’ve always liked their songs, mixing metal (like “Don’t close your eyes”) and melody with unbelievable guitar solo’s. George Lynch’s solos are every bit as critical to those songs as the vocals. (Good rhythm section as well)

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