Today (2/25), Dirty Honey releases a brand new music video, Another Last Time, a real-time, meticulously crafted escapade that immerses the viewer into the action from the first frame to the last, unfolding as one continuous, five-minute take.  Four separate but intertwining storylines take place simultaneously at a no-frills, budget motel someplace out in the California desert – a married cop and his mistress, a cheating gambler, two girls’ shared thrill of committing robbery, and a drug-scoring addict.   You can check out the video below.
With the band’s previous music videos having been primarily performance-based, Dirty Honey’s Marc LaBelle and APLUSFILMZ’ director Scott Fleishman (Dirty Honey’s Rollin’ 7s (see video here) California Dreamin’ (see video here), and The Wire videos) wanted to do something completely different for this video.  Said LaBelle, “The song’s lyrics tell the story of a toxic relationship you can’t seem to get out of, and you keep going back for more.  But it’s as much a song about any addiction or compulsion, anything you just can’t kick – drugs, money, danger, whatever.  Shooting the video the way we did presented a real challenge, but I think that when you take on doing something special like this and you succeed, you come out with something really great.  And I think we did.”
Fleishman adds that shooting this video was no small feat.  “This was an ambitious technical undertaking, especially as in this video, the camera was as much a performer as a recorder.  Also, we used an anamorphic lens that captures an extremely wide viewpoint and really puts the viewer in the room.  Every sequence was planned and timed out to the second and rehearsed multiple times.  Everything had to be in synch, the actors’ performances, the camera movements, particularly when the camera emerged from one of the motel rooms to find Marc on the walkway singing the song’s lyrics.  It took us about 12 hours to shoot this video, and we probably did a total of 40 or so takes to get it all right.”
The Another Last Time video features Derek Phillips – Billy Riggins from the NBC-TV series Friday Nights Lights – TikTok influencers Elizabeth Marochok and Emma Jade, and actress Christiana Lucas from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand.
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Dirty Honey just launched the Young Guns tour, the 34-city, co-headline trek with Mammoth WVH, with both bands firmly intent on proving that rock’n’roll is very much alive and well.  Upcoming tour dates and ticket purchasing information can be accessed here.

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  1. I’m trying very hard to like this band , Dana said it’s guns like – I hear that for sure,
    I think heavily hendrix influenced as well , I have not checked out any live clips yet I will today –
    I think it’s a decent song , for what it is , but this band has to be careful, they are awfully close to sounding like a 70s tribute band –

  2. I know what you mean about wanting to like them. It would be nice to find and support new blood as our musical heroes are nearing the end of their careers. I saw this band open for the Black Crowes. Their songs were okay; no stage presence though, just stood or walked around. No stage banter. I think they have potential though. Maybe in a few years it might all come together, but right now they are not there yet.

  3. “Rolling 7s” got my attention, but after I heard their cover of “Last Child,” they really got my attention! I was extremely sceptical at first to even listen to it, a cover of 1 of my favorite songs from my favorite band of all time? – I’m glad I listened!

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