Rush bassist Geddy Lee will releasing a new book titled, Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book Of Bass, which will be published on December 4th through Harper Collins.

The Ultra edition of the book will be limited to just 250 copies, with each autographed by Lee. The leather-bound book comes with a silver tole briefcase, similar to a guitar case, and will include items including guitar picks, a signed photograph, a printed setlist from the R40 tour, a set of bass strings and more.

The Luxe edition is limited to 900 copies and again, each has been signed by Lee and are individually numbered and will also come with some of the items featured in the Ultra edition.

Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book Of Bass sees the Rush vocalist and bassist explore the history of the instrument and features contributions from vintage expert Terry Foster and his Rush bandmate and guitarist Alex Lifeson.

The 400-page book will also include interviews with artists including John Paul Jones, Adam Clayton, Robert Trujillo, Bill Wyman, Les Claypool and Bob Daisley.

Lee says, “Its not surprising that sooner or later I’d dive down the proverbial rabbit hole into the world of vintage bass guitars.”

The limited edition versions of the book, as well as a t-shirt and mug, are also available from the official Rush online store.

Luxe Version includes:

Custom BBBofB fabric book bag
Behind-the-scenes Mini Booklet
Two custom Geddy Lee guitar picks from Dunlop

Ultra Version includes:

Silver Tolex Case with secret compartment
Behind-the-scenes Mini Booklet
Two custom Geddy Lee guitar picks from Dunlop
Glossy photograph, signed by Geddy Lee (8’ x 9.5”)
Printed Setlist from R40 Tour, with Geddy’s basses for each song
Vintage Fender Hang Tag Reproduction
Full Rotosound Bass Strings Set (same gauge and scale as Geddy uses) in custom vintage style box
Guitar polishing cloth with BBBofB Skull logo

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  1. “with artists including John Paul Jones, Adam Clayton, Robert Trujillo, Bill Wyman, Les Claypool and Bob Daisley.”
    I just about pissed my pants. This is absolutely the Bass Division of the Rock Gods.

    1. Billy Sheehan, hello? Best bassist ever….Bill Wyman? Y’ok.

      I would eliminate some of the bassists on this list, and sub them with others, but to each their own.

    2. @Dana Hahaha Ok, delete Bill Wyman (as far as Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, the Stones suck) and add John Entwistle instead. I lost a whole letter grade in a music class I had to take right before graduating college after arguing with the Professor who loved the Rolling Stones and continually went on and on about them. He had dissed Zeppelin and didn’t like how Plant screams, however he liked his solo career?. I told that old hippie that now matter how long the Stones tour they will NEVER, EVER measure up to Led Zeppelin. No Contest. Some students laughed which probably didn’t help either.
      Next, as far as pure talent, I’d move Adam Clayton to the bench, or alternate, etc. and then add Steve Harris. Billy Sheehan is a good call too but I’d go for Nikki Sixx instead – NOT. Billy is worthy no doubt about it.

    3. Rynne,

      I agree with you about the Rolling Stones. I have always been a HUGE Beatles fan, and it took me YEARS to appreciate the Stones. With that, I still only like, perhaps, eight or so songs. There is no doubt that John Paul Jones is head and tails above Bill Wyman in musical prowess. Again, it all a matter of taste, but your professor sounds like he wasn’t very open minded…shocking, a teacher who is biased, that never happens-LOL.

      As for Billy Sheehan, in my opinion, he is probably one of the best, if not the best, bassists around. He plays that bass like it was a guitar, he is amazing.

  2. My RUSH top 20 – 10/05/18

    20) Headlong Flight
    19) Working Man
    18) Cygnus X-1 Book ll: Hemispheres
    17) Distant Early Warning
    16) Subdivisions
    15) Anthem
    14) New World Man
    13) The Trees
    12) Closer The The Heart
    11) Jacob’s Ladder
    10) YYZ
    09) La Villa Strangiato
    08) Red Barchetta
    07) 2112
    06) Xanadu
    05) Fly By Night
    04) Freewill
    03) Tom Sawyer
    02) Limelight
    01) The Spirit Of Radio

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