Attention Rush fans! Big TrunkNation radio special tomorrow and Friday on my Volume show on SiriusXM 106. It’s the next Trunk Top 20 featuring the 20 greatest Rush songs! Hear my 20 counted down tomorrow 2-4 & 9-11P ET, then on Friday call in live with your lists 2-4P ET. These Top 20 shows are a blast, and with the Rush fan base this should really be great!

New podcast tomorrow with with KK Downing of Judas Priest. Free Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com .

Headed to Tulsa to host Sebastian Bach, Monte Pittman and One Bad Son this Friday at IDL Ballroom. Then to S CA Saturday for Sammy Hagar’s High Tide Beach Party in Huntington Beach. I’ll be shooting an episode of TrunkFest for AXS TV, introing Sammy, and hosting the post party at BLK 10-12.

My AXS TV show TrunkFest is having the entire first season rebroadcast starting tonight and every Wednesday night 7P ET/4P Pacific on AXS. Episode 1 is tonight covering Sturgis Rally. If you missed season 1 set the DVRs and relive a new episode every Wednesday. Shows also On Demand on your cable service. Season 2 coming next year and shooting now.

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  1. My RUSH top 20: 10/05/18

    20) Headlong Flight
    19) Working Man
    18) Cygnus X-1 Book ll: Hemispheres
    17) Distant Early Warning
    16) Subdivisions
    15) Anthem
    14) New World Man
    13) The Trees
    12) Closer To The Heart
    11) Jacob’s Ladder
    10) YYZ
    09) La Villa Strangiato
    08) Red Barchetta
    07) 2112
    06) Xanadu
    05) Fly By Night
    04) Freewill
    03) Tom Sawyer
    02) Limelight
    01) The Spirit Of Radio

  2. My other brother, Doug R., man such a hard list to compile. You got some great ones here.

    1. The Spirit of the Radio
    2. 2112
    3. Finding My Way
    4. A Farewell to Kings
    5. The Trees
    6. Closer to the Heart
    7. Working Man
    8. Limelight
    9. Fly By Night
    10. What You’re Doing
    11. Xanadu
    12. Freewill
    13. Red Barchetta
    14. La Villa Strangiato
    15. Jacob’s Ladder

    Can’t quite get to 20….

    1. Thanks, bro! I’m glad someone finally noticed! 😉 You got some great ones on your list as well. RUSH is such a great band with so many great songs, it really was very hard to compile a RUSH top 20! The hardest song to leave off my list was “What You’re Doing,” which is what I kept saying to myself after “do you know-” while compiling this list! 😉

  3. I know I’m kinda late to the party for this, but I just got registered for this site a couple of days ago.
    Here goes, My Rush top twenty with a couple of honorable mentions which are “The Weapon & Bastille Day.”
    20-Clockwork Angels
    19-Nobody’s Hero
    18- Ghost Rider
    17- The Pass
    16- Distant Early Warning
    15- Spirit of Radio
    14- Fly by Night
    13- Territories
    12- Armor and Sword
    11- 2112
    10- Freewill
    9- Between the Wheels
    8- Working Man
    7- La Villa Strangiato
    6- The Trees
    5- Subdivisions
    4- Tom Sawyer
    3- The Camera Eye
    2- Xanadu
    1- Cygnus X-1 Book 2, Hemispheres

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