Ready to ignite 2022, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame®-inducted icons and rock music legends Def Leppard return with their twelfth full-length album, Diamond Star Halos [UMe], on May 27th. It marks the band’s first new work since 2015’s chart-topping self-titled, Def Leppard. It is available for pre-order now in multiple configurations, including a Deluxe Edition, 2-LP Vinyl, Digital formats and more. Exclusive bundles including newly designed album merch have also launched. Pre-order on the band’s official store—here.
To herald the arrival of Diamond Star Halos, the UK quintet—Joe Elliott [vocals], Rick Savage [bass], Rick Allen [drums], Phil Collen [guitar], and Vivian Campbell [guitar]— have just shared a powerful and rip-roaring new rock single entitled Kick (listen below). The song thrusts into an anthemic stadium-ready frenzy kickstarted with driving guitars and bombastic drums woven into its musical fabric. Meanwhile, the chorus has all the makings of another iconic Leppard hit with its skyscraping vocals and melodies the band has become synonymous for. The artwork for Diamond Star Halos is art in itself. The design follows pedigree with their instantly recognizable album covers from their celebrated past. With images by world renowned photographer and director Anton Corbijn, styling concepts by Maryam Malakpour and graphics by the UK based Munden Brothers, the design truly follows the band’s influence through their eyes today.
Stay tuned for the premiere of the music video very soon. Following the album’s release, Def Leppard will co-headline the massive 36 city The Stadium Tour with Mötley Crüe joined by special guests Poison and Joan Jett, see the entire itinerary, here.
Over the past two years, Def Leppard recorded Diamond Star Halos simultaneously in three different countries with Joe in Ireland, Sav in England, and Phil, Vivian, and Rick in the United States. Without the pressure of timelines or a fixed schedule, they poured all of their energy into crafting 15 meaningful tracks with a mixture of classic spirit meets modern fire. Thematically, they nodded to their earliest collective influences such as David BowieT. Rex, and Mott The Hoople, among others. The title itself notably references T. Rex’s Bang a Gong (Get It On). However, they didn’t embark on this journey alone. The multi-Grammy award winning and legendary artist Alison Krauss lent her instantly recognizable and angelic voice to This Guitar and Lifeless, while David Bowie pianist Mike Garson performs on Goodbye For Good This Time and Angels (Can’t Help You Now).
Diamond Star Halos track listing:

1. Take What You Want
2. Kick
3. Fire It Up
4. This Guitar [feat. Alison Krauss]
5. SOS Emergency
6. Liquid Dust
7. U Rok Mi
8. Goodbye For Good This Time
9. All We Need
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Gimme A Kiss
12. Angels (Can’t Help You Now)
13. Lifeless [feat. Alison Krauss]
14. Unbreakable
15. From Here To Eternity

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  1. The song is decent not great , for my taste Def Leppard had only 2 really good albums , 1st and 2nd
    I know they have a huge fan base I’m not in the club –

  2. It’s odd that this is only their 12th album considering how old the band is. I remember that it took years between releases for some reason in the 80s and 90s and it seems not much has changed. The only band I can think of with a longer duration between albums while the band was hot is Boston. What was it a decade between Don’t Look Back and Third Stage?

    1. Myk, IMO, Guns n Roses is another band that put out little original music considering how old the band is…….four albums of original music from 1987 to current date, last release in 2008. That’s pathetic…..IMO, G n R is the most overrated rock band and they somehow are in the RRHOF! Go figure…..

    2. Myk, Boston made up for it with a seven night in a row concert in Worcester, Mass from that Third stage tour. Back in August 1987. I was their on the second night of that tour and what a great show! One of my favorite top 10 shows that I have seen.
      This new song is not for me. I want to hear screaming guitars and the sound of High and Dry! Or close.

  3. I really dig the new song. I’m a casual fan of DL, and their greatest will always be High n Dry. I can hear Slade and Sweet on this new song. It’s interesting, because a few years ago I put on Hysteria and had a different appreciation for a lot of the songs, as they reminded me, well, of Slade and Sweet. Not the overkill production, but the feel. I just can’t believe that it took them decades to write a simple, catchy, hooky footstomper. It’s so easy to do. Just put out a whole record of those, kill the sappy ballads, and I’ll buy it.

  4. Hey Dana, it’s been a little while so I’d thought I call in!!

    Firstly I like this new Leppard song; been hearing on the radio here in England. Secondly, the real reason I’m messaging -

    This guy’s name is Ben and he’s from Scotland. I don’t know him personally; as you will see his YouTube handle is BWM5150. He’s been doing covers of Def Leppard for just over 10 years and he is always note perfect. He plays the parts (which there are many layers) in sections so you hear it like the band play it live. Within five hours of Kick being released, he had figured it all out and uploaded it!

    There are loads of Leppard songs on his page from all eras; plus he’s done some Whitesnake, Foreigner, Van Halen…

    What I was wondering is not only would you give his channel a watch, but could you pass it on to Eddie; as I know that he knows the band personally and given the amount of years this guy has been playing Leppard online, I think that he at least deserves the band to see his playing.

    Here’s some other classic Leppard covers from him:

    Run Riot –

    Gods of War –

    Rock! Rock! (Till you drop) Live version –

    Rock of Ages –


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