Legendary British rock ‘n’ roll icons and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame® inductees Def Leppard will release Def Leppard – Volume Two, a new limited edition box set on UMe/Virgin.
This is the second of four volumes of the complete recorded output of Def Leppard available as both a 10-LP, 180gm vinyl box and a limited edition 7-CD set featuring all the recordings from the band in the 1990’s with their original packaging. The albums were re-mastered by Ronan McHugh at Joe’s Garage and cut by Greg Moore.
Def Leppard – Volume Two features 1992’s Adrenalize, which topped the charts in 23 countries, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and #1 on the UK chart, and features songs such as Let’s Get Rocked, Make Love Like A Man, and Have you ever Needed Someone So Bad, 1993’s Top 10 release Retro Active, the bands first compilation featuring B-sides and previously unreleased recording sessions from 1984 to 1993, Def Leppard’s sixth studio album Slang, released in 1996 and the first full album to feature guitarist Vivian Campbell, and, making its vinyl debut, 1999’s Euphoria, which also went Top 10 on the US and UK charts and marked the bands return to their signature sound and features the hit Promises.
Also included areRarities Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, both specially compiled by Joe Elliott containing more rare B-sides and live recordings from the 90’s, complete with newly commissioned artwork.
Housed in rigid boxes, Def Leppard – Volume Two also contains a 40-page hardbound book packed with rare photos by Ross Halfin and introductions written by the entire band. 
Def Leppard was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame® alongside The Cure, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music and The Zombies, closing out the ceremony with an explosive performance in Brooklyn, NY at Barclays Center. All this caps their historic 2018 co-headline stadium and arena run in North America where the band sold a staggering 1,000,000 tickets and the tour grossed over $100,000,000.00, a massive feat in today’s touring world. 
This summer, Def Leppard will be taking over the Las Vegas Strip with their exclusive headlining residency show, as well as touring Europe and Canada. For more information on the summer tour dates, please click here. As always, the group keep pushing forward with their electrifying live shows that have transcended the test of time. 


CD One – Adrenalize
1.    Let’s Get Rocked 
2.    Heaven Is 
3.    Make Love Like A Man 
4.    Tonight 
5.    White Lightning 
6.    Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion) 
7.    Personal Property 
8.    Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad? 
9.    I Wanna Touch U 
10.  Tear It Down
CD Two – Retro Active
1.    Desert Song 
2.    Fractured Love 
3.    Action
4.    Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version) 
5.    She’s Too Tough 
6.    Miss You in A Heartbeat 
7.    Only After Dark 
8.    Ride into The Sun 
9.    From the Inside 
10.  Ring of Fire 
11.  I Wanna Be Your Hero 
12.  Miss You in A Heartbeat (Electric Version) 
13.  Two Steps Behind (Electric Version) 
CD Three-Slang
1.    Truth? 
2.    Turn to Dust 
3.    Slang 
4.    All I Want Is Everything 
5.    Work It Out 
6.    Breathe A Sigh 
7.    Deliver Me 
8.    Gift of Flesh 
9.    Blood Runs Cold 
10.  Where Does Love Go When It Dies 
11.  Pearl of Euphoria
CD Four – Euphoria
1.    Demolition Man 
2.    Promises 
3.    Back in Your Face 
4.    Goodbye 
5.    All Night 
6.    Paper Sun 
7.    It’s Only Love 
8.    21st Century Sha La La La Girl 
9.    To Be Alive 
10.  Disintegrate 
11.  Guilty 
12.  Day After Day 
13.  Kings of Oblivion
CD Five – Rarities Vol 2
1.    Tonight (Demo Version 2) 
2.    When Love and Hate Collide (Original Demo) 
3.    From the Inside – B-Side 
4.    Two Steps Behind (Acoustic) – B-Side
5.    She’s Too Tough (Joe’s Demo) – B-Side
6.    Miss You in A Heartbeat (Phil’s Demo) -B-Side
7.    Tonight (Acoustic – Sun Studios Version) – B-Side
8.    S.M.C. – B-Side 
9.    Hysteria (In the Club in Your Face – Bonn) 
10.  Photograph (In the Club in Your Face – Bonn) 
11.  Pour Some Sugar on Me (In the Club in Your Face – Bonn) 
12.  Let’s Get Rocked (In the Club in Your Face – Bonn) 
CD Six– Rarities Vol 3
1.    Armageddon It (Live in Singapore) 
2.    Two Steps Behind (Live in Singapore)
3.    From the Inside (Live in Singapore) 
4.    Animal (Live in Singapore) 
5.    When Love and Hate Collide (Live in Singapore) 
6.    Pour Some Sugar on Me (Live in Singapore)
7.    When Love and Hate Collide – B-Side 
8.    Can’t Keep Away from The Flame – B-Side 
9.    Truth – Original Version 
10.  Move with Me Slowly – B-Side
11.  Work It Out (Original Demo Version) – B-Side
 CD Seven – Rarities Vol 4

1.    Bringin’ On the Heartbreak (Live in Montreal) 
2.    Switch 625 (Live in Montreal)
3.    Miss You in A Heartbeat (Live in Montreal) 
4.    Work It Out (Live in Montreal) 
5.    Deliver Me (Live in Montreal) 
6.    When Saturday Comes – B-Side
7.    Jimmy’s Theme – B-Side
8.    Burnout – B-Side
9.    Immortal – B-Side 
10.  World Collide – B-Side 
11.  I Am Your Child – bonus track 
12.  Demolition Man – Denver
13.  When Love and Hate Collide – Tokyo 
14.  Paper Sun – Tokyo
15.  Goodbye – Tokyo


Album One –Adrenalize

Side One:

Let’s Get Rocked
Heaven Is
Make Love Like A Man
White Lightning

Side Two:

Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion)
Personal Property
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?
I Wanna Touch U
Tear It Down
Album Two– Retro Active
Side One:

Desert Song
Fractured Love
Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version)

Side Two:

She’s Too Tough
Miss You in A Heartbeat
Only After Dark
Ride into The Sun

Side Three:

From the Inside
Ring of Fire
I Wanna Be Your Hero

Side Four:

Miss You in A Heartbeat (Electric Version)
Two Steps Behind (Electric Version)
Album Three –Slang
Side One:

Turn to Dust
All I Want Is Everything
Work It Out
Breathe A Sigh

Side Two:

Deliver Me
Gift of Flesh
Blood Runs Cold
Where Does Love Go When It Dies
Pearl of Euphoria
Album Four –Euphoria
Side One:

Demolition Man
Back in Your Face

Side Two:

All Night
Paper Sun
It’s Only Love

Side Three:

21st Century Sha La La La Girl
To Be Alive

Side Four:

Day After Day
Kings of Oblivion
Album Five–Rarities Vol 2
Side One:

Tonight (Demo Version 2)
When Love and Hate Collide (Original Demo)
From the Inside – B-Side
Two Steps Behind (Acoustic) – B-Side

Side Two:

She’s Too Tough (Joe’s Demo)- B-Side
Miss You in A Heartbeat (Phil’s Demo) – B-Side
Tonight (Acoustic – Sun Studios Version) – B-Side
S.M.C. – B-Side

Side Three : In the Club in Your Face – Bonn:

Pour Some Sugar on Me
Let’s Get Rocked

Side Four: Live in Singapore:

Armageddon It
Two Steps Behind
From the Inside
When Love and Hate Collide
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Album Six: Rarities Vol 3

Side One:

When Love and Hate Collide – B-Side
Can’t Keep Away from The Flame –B-Side
Truth – Original Version
Move with Me Slowly – B-Side
Work It Out (Original Demo Version) 

Side Two: Live in Montreal:

Bringin’ On the Heartbreak
Switch 625
Miss You in A Heartbeat
Work It Out
Deliver Me

Side Three:

When Saturday Comes – B-Side
Jimmy’s Theme – B-Side
Burnout – B-Side
Immortal – B-Side
World Collide – B-Side
I Am Your Child –bonus track

Side Four:

Demolition Man – Denver 
When Love and Hate Collide –Tokyo 
Paper Sun – Tokyo 
Goodbye – Tokyo

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  • Doug R. on

    Thanks but no thanks, I already have everything I ever wanted/needed from Def Leppard.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Nice for people getting into Def Leppard but like Doug says got all already. Did catch RRHOF show on HBO
    Got as far as The Cure induction. Found it strange And sad to start of with Nicks I know she’s 70 but sad Don Henley sounded better than her during the duet. A Janet Jackson
    Thank you’d but don’t even perform? She’s on in early 50s
    Yes rock hall more women like Pat Benatar who’s hell a lot better singer than Nicks any day. The Cure were good but I could tell Robert Smith didn’t really want to be there.
    From what I heard Def Leppard dead last (probably so cut their time short) happen with Bonjovi too I think.
    Gonna watch rest later

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Now I now why I was so depressed during the 90s
    How the F**k does Radiohead ( A depressing band)get into RRHOF and still No Judas Priest or Motörhead
    Only 2 of em show up thank god they didn’t play I afraid I have to FF past it to keep from getting depressed
    At least they got the memorial right and had Vinnie Paul
    But Nipsy Hussle and some Dj ?

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Now Ian Hunter, Little Steven, Brian May, Susana Hoffs and theZombies too jamming to All the young Dudes
    Game of Thrones was WOW didn’t see that comin

    • Dana on

      For anyone else that watches the show, SPOLIERS:

      I know Ghost is okay, someone screen shot a picture from next week’s preview and here is there, but what about Dany’s other dragon. Rhaegal? He went down, but is unaccounted for.

      Arya’s always been one of my favorite characters, so I was satisfied that she was able to put all her training to good use.

      Now back to music.

      D 🙂

  • Charles Clinchot on

    If u watch the previews you can see shot with two dragons in the sky
    Yes now back to the music

    • Dana on

      Yes, but it looks like an old shot of when Sansa first saw them arrive at Winterfell? I hope NOT.

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