In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the first Blue Murder album release, bassist Tony Franklin has uploaded a never-before-heard instrumental jam version of the song Black-Hearted Woman from 1988. Check it out below.

Back in January, Franklin told Rock Titan, that a Blue Murder reunion consisting of vocalist/guitarist John Sykes, drummer Carmine Appice, and himself was “probably will not happen, because — well, not for any negative reasons…[Right now] John wants to do more than just Blue Murder. He wants to play some of his amazing catalog — Whitesnake, Blue Murder, of course. And he has a new album which is coming out this year. And so we have put together a new band, and we shall be making some headway with that pretty soon.”

Shortly after Franklin made his statement, Appice stated at this year’s NAMM show,”..hopefully when [John’s finished doing his thing], we can maybe do a Blue Murder thing.”

In February, Golden Robot Records announced that they had signed John Sykes to their roster.

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  • Doug R. on

    Love it! Even better than the original. We need more jams like that!

  • Ray Gillen on

    Cool. Hopefully one of these days John will release the Blue Murder demos that Ray Gillen sang before Johns manager talked him into singing. Man could you imagine Blue Murder with Ray singing. Don`t get me wrong John sings his a$$ off but Ray was on a different level.

  • robert davenport on

    I had never heard this ! this was amazing ! I recently went back and listened to blue murders first album , I have to say , I think, no i’m sure that Whitesnake would not have blown up like they did with out him. Coverdale is a great singer no doubt , but they keys john plays in, his chord structures , the way he approaches the guitar , it’s the same on blue murder as it is on the whitesnake albums he played on , god what a shame those two guys couldn’t have parked the stupid ego’s went out had a couple of drinks, cleared the air on what each other really wanted like professionals and make it work – just think what could have been …….

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