Def Leppard has released a new single, Just Like 73. You can now listen to the track, which features a guest guitar solo from Tom Morello, below.

The song arrives on seven-inch vinyl on August 2nd, and will be available in a special color variant only through the band’s D2C store and in black at all retailers. Making a splash, BBC Radio 2 just world premiered the track as a “Global Exclusive” this morning.

Just Like 73 notably marks the first collaboration between the iconic rock titans and the legendary guitarist, sonic innovator and co-founder of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave. The single revolves around a classic Def Leppard stomp fueled by a robust stadium-size beat, thick riffing, and a signature chant, “Rock with me, just like 73.” Meanwhile, a knockout gang vocal gives way to a signature fret-scorching solo from Morello. The instantly recognizable whammy bar wheezes as he shreds at lightspeed into one last head-nodding hook.

Of the collaboration, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott shares, “It encapsulates a time that burned deep into our DNA. We wanted to celebrate that very important and glorious time.”

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen adds, “When I saw David Bowie on TV between 1972 and 1973, everything I thought I knew about music went from black and white to vivid Technicolor. Our song Just Like 73 represents that awakening.”

Morello says, “I had a blast rocking a solo on Just Like 73. I played Rock Of Ages in my college cover band almost 40 years ago and here Def Leppard are still killing it in stadiums with a brand new tune that’s one of their best.”

Next up, Def Leppard will present a high-octane animated music video for Just Like 73, premiering on June 20th. It features the band (and Morello) like you’ve never seen them before.

Def Leppard will be launching a stadium tour with Journey, also on the ticket will be Heart, Cheap Trick and the Steve Miller Band. To view the tour itinerary, please click here.

In other recent Leppard news, the band has released a deluxe expanded edition of their iconic album, Pyromania, to celebrate its 40th anniversary. For more details about this release, please go here.

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    1. I agree, Dana, and I hear some of Sammy Hagar’s “Mas Tequila” as well! It’s a good song though, despite Morello’s involvement.

    2. Hi Dana

      No disrespect to you (and I’m sure you know that), but please don’t mention that name again. If you don’t know why, look it up on Wikipedia and see why he’s been jailed (if you don’t know already that is).

      Back to better things, I can see what they’ve done here. The major influence I hear is a band called The Sweet (I don’t know how well know they were in the States) but around 1973 they were massive here in the UK with songs like ‘Teenage Rampage’, ‘Blockbuster’ and ‘Fox on the Run’ to name a few. There’s also a little T-Rex in there as well. This is without a doubt a tip of the hat to their youth and their early influences. Joe Elliot in particular has always been quite vocal about how the likes of The Sweet, T-Rex, David Bowie and Mott the Hoople made him want to be a Rockstar.

      All in all, having grown up with hearing the music of the prevoiusly mentioned acts through my parents, this really does sound as if it came out in 1973. I like it; and I think Tom Morello does a good job with the solo as well.

    3. Hello my British friend,

      Yes, sadly I know what he has done, and I was merely mentioning him, only because this Leppard song remind me of his tune. Other than being addressed in that context, he gets no publicity, on this site.

      As for The Sweet, Americans are definitely aware of them, as well, Slade.

  1. As far as Gary Groper he receives zero royalties (in jail or not) for his “Rock & Roll” song. It’s still being played in baseball stadiums around the country. Also Joan Jett sometimes includes his song “Do You Wanna Touch Me Yeah” into her setlist once in awhile. Joe names Glitter as an early influence even though he himself is disgusted with his crimes. I’m not condoning underage sex crimes but we still have Steven Tyler, Ted Nugent and Jimmy Page along with several others who might have fiddled with little girlies

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