To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their iconic album Pyromania, veteran British rockers DEF LEPPARD will release a deluxe expanded edition in April 2024.

Fans can listen to Photograph – Rough Mix Version (Unfinished Vocal) on all streaming platforms on March 1st. The track is an unreleased demo version from the band’s vaults of one of their most celebrated songs, taken from the forthcoming taken Pyromania anniversary edition.

Originally released in 1983, Pyromania launched Def Leppard into rock legend status. The album featured global hit singles PhotographRock! Rock! (Till You Drop) and Rock Of Ages and it went on to achieve platinum status across the globe (including a No. 2 chart entry in the USA). Pyromania has since become one of the biggest-selling rock albums of all time and alongside its follow up, Hysteria, has made Def Leppard one of only five rock bands in history to have two albums with a coveted RIAA diamond certification (over 10 million sales in the USA alone) — a massive feat within the music industry still to this day. The album also saw Phil Collen replace guitarist Pete Willis and the first of the classic Def Leppard lineups was born.

In tribute to this milestone, this deluxe edition has been executive produced by Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott and longtime producer/engineer Ronan McHugh, with mastering by Andy Pearce.

Elliott says, “A labor of love, and I loved every minute of it!…. Rediscovering dusty old cassettes which were brilliantly restored by Ronan and finding the long-lost, unfinished ’11th track’ was a journey only few of us are lucky enough to take … what a trip!!”

Collen says, “Pyromania is a really special album for obvious reasons. It was the first time we all worked together with Mutt Lange, and I was able to play with my incredible friend Steve Clark — who was such a gifted and wonderful guitarist. I am incredibly proud of the album and what we collectively achieved.”

Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage says, “Right from the very early days, we had a specific idea of how we wanted to sound. A massive wall of guitars and drums supporting huge vocals and melodies. That vision came to fruition with the making of Pyromania. Even now it still has that special quality that made it such a ground-breaking record. It’s a testament to the songs that they remain the fans’ favorites and true cornerstones of any Leppard show. 40 years?? It doesn’t even seem like 40 days.”

This deluxe edition has been prepared in conjunction with Elliott, who has acted as executive producer.

Pyromania, the anniversary edition, will be released on 4-CD / Blu-ray box, 1LP half speed master, 2LP black vinyl, 2LP colored vinyl (D2C exclusive),2CD and digitally.

This deluxe set comes with four CDs consisting of the original album, a whole disc of unheard demos recently re-discovered by Elliott while combing through the vaults, an unreleased demo, No You Can’t Do That, and two defining live shows from the era — from the Los Angeles Forum (USA) and Westfalen Halle in Dortmund (Germany).

The Blu-ray contains an Atmos mix of the album (overseen by Giles Martin) as well as 5.1 / stereo and instrumental mixes. Also included are five promo videos from the time. The album also appears as a half speed master for the first time.

The book contains the history of the album written by Mojo and Classic Rockwriter Paul Elliott (who has conducted new interviews with bandmembers),as well as rare and unseen photos by noted photographer and longtime band collaborator Ross Halfin.

For more information, visit Def Leppard‘s official webstore.

The 4-CD / Blu-ray box track listing is as follows:

CD One: Album Re-Mastered

1.  Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
2.  Photograph
3.  Stagefright
4.  Too Late For Love
5.  Die Hard The Hunter
6.  Foolin’
7.  Rock Of Ages
8.  Comin’ Under Fire
9.  Action! Not Words
10.  Billy’s Got A Gun

CD Two: Rarities

1.  No You Can’t Do That – Outtake
2.  Untitled 1 – Demo
3.  Untitled 2 – Demo
4.  Untitled 3 – Demo
5.  Untitled 4 – Demo
6.  Untitled 5 – Demo
7.  Untitled 6 – Demo
8.  Rock Rock Till You Drop – Demo
9.  Too Late For Love – Demo
10. Comin’ Under Fire – Demo
11. Billy’s Got A Gun – Demo
12. No You Can’t Do That – Demo
13. Rock Rock (Til You Drop) – Rough Mix Version
14. Photograph – Rough Mix Version (Unfinished Vocal)
15. Stagefright – Rough Mix Version
16. Too Late For Love – Rough Mix Version
17. Die Hard The Hunter – Rough Mix Version
18. Foolin’ – Rough Mix Version
19. Rock Of Ages – Rough Mix Version
20. Comin’ Under Fire – Rough Mix Version
21. Action! Not Words – Rough Mix Version (Chorus Only)
22. Billy’s Got A Gun – Rough Mix Version

CD Three: Live Westfalen Halle, Dortmund, Germany / December 18, 1983:

1. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
2. Billy’s Got A Gun
3. Foolin’
4. Rock Of Ages
5. Let It Go
6. Wasted

CD Four: Live at the Los Angeles Forum / September 11, 1983:

1.  Rock! Rock!! (Til You Drop)
2.  Rock Brigade
3.  High And Dry (Saturday Night) 
4.  Another Hit And Run
5.  Billy’s Got A Gun
6.  Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
7.  Foolin’
8.  Photograph
9.  Rock Of Ages
10. Bringing Back The Heartache
11. Switch 625
12. Let It Go
13. Wasted
14. Stage Fright
15. Travellin’ Band

Blu-ray: Atmos / 5.1 / New Stereo / Instrumental

1.  Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
2.  Photograph
3.  Stagefright
4.  Too Late For Love
5.  Die Hard The Hunter
6.  Foolin’
7.  Rock Of Ages
8.  Comin’ Under Fire
9.  Action! Not Words
10. Billy’s Got A Gun


Photograph – Official Video
Rock Of Ages – Official Video
Foolin’ – Official Video
Too Late For Love – Official Video / Supersonic (Historia)
Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) – Official Video / Japanese Show (Historia)

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  • Dana on

    Hands down, my favorite Leppard album (with High N’ Dry a VERY CLOSE tie for first). and my second all time favorite of all time, just behind Judas Priest‘s Screaming For Vengeance.

    • Real Paul Stanley on

      I love Pyromania, High N’ Dry, Hysteria and On Through The Night! All the albums after that are nowhere near as good. But those records do have some gems intertwined. It’s hard for me to rank but I’d say Pyro & High are tied for first, Hysteria a close 2nd and On Through The Night after that. The electronic drums on Hysteria make the slight difference between Pyro and High. But kudos to Rick Allen for overcoming such a horrible accident in such a short time to deliver a performance like that. Absolutely mind blowing!

  • Doug R. on

    Why didn’t they release this package last year I wonder? Wouldn’t it be the 41st anniversary?

  • Rattlehead on

    I remember being so disappointed listening to “Pyromania” when it was first released. For me, it was such a bummer of an album after “High and Dry”. And after 41 years, it’s still a bummer for me….but I like itbetter than their later material, like “Hysteria”.

  • jeff weaver on

    I pre-orders the 2 L.P Vinyl edition. High N Dry still remains my favorite Leppard collection. DEFinitley
    in my all time Top 10. Photograph is most likely my favorite song by them. My grievances towards Pyromania is the fake sounding drums and background vocals. Hence, I don’t think it has aged well as the previous two. I Love Stagefright and Coming Under Fire. Those Rock!

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