It sounds like Def Leppard guitarist, Phil Collen, won’t be purchasing a ticket for the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour.

When the subject was reportedly broached during a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Collen dismissed the whole idea as “really f—ing lame.”

Which is not to say that guitrist dislikes the band’s music or its members — quite the contrary, in fact. “I love Guns N’ Roses, I think they’re really cool, I’d love to see Slash and Axl and Duff play together,” he insisted. “That’s great.”
The problem, as Collen sees it, is that a band that’s allowed personality conflicts to completely alter its course over the past 20 years can command reportedly outrageous guarantees simply by agreeing to get back onstage together again. Meanwhile, bands that have stayed together for years — like Def Leppard, for example — are left feeling taken for granted. “I think it’s f—ing lame considering we’ve been hardcore,” continued Collen. “Our integrity’s still intact, we’ve never split up. We’ve gone through if someone had a little sniffle or something, we soldier on.”

During their time together, Def Leppard have been through far worse than sniffles. “Someone dies, someone loses an arm, someone gets cancer, we soldier on,” said Collen. With Guns N’ Roses, “if someone has a little barney backstage, they can’t deal with each other. I know it’s difficult, but I do think it’s pretty lame when you compare anyone else to us.”

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  • DR Is Live on

    Keep your shirt on Phil.

    This coming from the guy who replaced Pete Willis cause the other guys couldn’t handle his issues anymore? You’re one of the biggest benefactors of good timing in the history of rock my friend. You owe your life to Leppard being ‘lame’ as you so eloquently put it. Otherwise you’d still be with Phil Lewis in Girl. Remember how fast you bailed on that when Leppard came a calling Phil? After Hysteria you guys should have called it quits. It’s been ‘lame’ ever since.

    • D. Comiskey on

      I agree. Frankly, I still don’t understand why anyone in the rock/metal world (Eddie included) really continue to follow DL. They are a POP BAND now. Have been for 25 years or so. Every album since Hysteria has been lame as hell. I think Phil’s a nice guy, but people having little respect for DL at this point in time compared to a band whose albums were some of the greatest ever made in hard rock is silly. I understand his point. But he should have left Dl out of the discussion.

    • MikeyMan on


    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      I agree 100%.

  • Tyger of Pan Tang on

    I have to admit he’s got a point. Sure, most of DL’s albums in the last thirty years have been “f-ing lame”, but credit goes to a band that stayed together through thick and thin. That dedication was what made the Anvil film so effective. They’re still the best club performance I’ve ever seen.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Great points by Phil. 3 original members at a ridiculous price with the possibility of Axl once again getting his panties in a bunch and not showing up? No thanks.

    • MikeyMan on

      3 original members, like Joe, Sav, and Rick Allen.

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      GNR made a staying power impact that Def Lep never had or will have.

  • Michael Monet on

    I almost got tickets to that MOHEGAN SUN show that was cancelled and boy am I am glad. $1,100.00 for a room and I only like the first three albums. What could enhance your St. Valentines eve with your girl more than looking at sweaty 55 year old English dudes not wearing shirts? As much as I trashed the BLACK SABBATH re-re-re-issues, I got PARANOID at WALMART FOR $14. I love it. HAND OF DOOM is underrated. Phil saying loyalty to fans has merit. I agree. Unfortunately for Phil, his band stopped making good albums prior to GUNS N ROSES first album.

  • James K. on

    Phil sounds jealous. Guns N’ Roses had those issues that altered their course because they were all nuts. That band had an element of danger whereas Def Leppard never did. Leppard has been through a lot and suck together through thick and thin and that’s very admirable and respectable. But that’s them. They are obviously a much closer band of friends and possibly much more stable psychologically than Guns were. People loved Guns and have been waiting for the original guys to get back together. With all the excitement the Guns reunion announcement caused, they took the limelight and interest away from everyone, not just Def Leppard.

    • Michael B on

      Leppard has always had a much more polished pop veneer, Guns never had that, definitely more raw/attitude. He probably is a little bummed that they get the attention when DL has been slogging through it all for decades.

      There’s a romanticism that happens when a band stops, or ends and you’re left with the old work. If Guns and roses (I mean the real one, not Axl’s band) had stayed together and put out a bunch of albums, you wouldn’t have near the interest, AND they wouldn’t be selling $2500 packages that didn’t include a band meet and greet.

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