Def Leppard moved one step closer to induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame after a convincing win in the fan vote, which closed last night.

The British band secured 547,647 votes, ahead of Stevie Nicks (427,844), Todd Rundgren (365,370), the Zombies (329,052) and the Cure (264,443).

All five of the top-polling acts receive an additional vote in the final ballot, beyond the support given by members of the Hall, which includes artists, industry executives and others. While winning the fan vote doesn’t guarantee induction, all of the artists who have won it since its introduction in 2012 have gone on to receive the honor.

“Let’s not get too excited,” Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott told Ultimate Classic Rock recently. “The nomination in one thing, being inducted is another. Essentially, it’s worth one-thousandth of the entire vote, so it’s not worth a great deal numerically speaking. … The other 999 [voters] have got no option but to take notice of it.”

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  1. Rock and roll as we know it is almost completely over; once these classic bands stop touring there’s not going to be any major draws anymore. I saw this year’s Chicago Open Air lineup and it was like this ghost town….Well, Ghost is playing but they’re no big deal…Tool? that’s the big draw? System of a Down? …A classic band gets you motivated to put up with the logistics of going; I can’t think of one band except maybe Metallica now that could do that. I did have a great time at Puddle of Mudd and Saliva back in August…but guys, this ride’s about over.

  2. For me Shannon, it was over once Ozzy did a reality show that depicted him as a burnt out buffoon (which I guess he is). BEST BUY no longer sells CDs. New cars don’t have CD players. The audiences at the live shows look like elderly Vikings seeking breakfast discounts at DENNY’S. I, myself look like 1980s era Ted Kennedy. The women at the shows all have blue feet ,speak in deep voices from smoking, and they all resemble George Lynch as they guzzle their wine coolers while tailgating in the parking lot. In the words of Don Corleone: HOW DID THINGS GET SO FAR? It was a great run but it is mercifully taking its final bows. Paul McCartney is now 10 plus years older than 64. Neil Young is now the OLD MAN. Think of this, QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS is almost 15 years ago . The LED ZEPPELIN concert which was 25 years in the making is now over 10 years ago. We survived live acts with orchestras, Dave Mustaine and Blackie Lawless embraced Christianity ( good for them by the way ) , KID ROCK is now almost 50, Lars and James are turning into Peter and Gene. Its over alright.

    1. Well done summation Michael, you really did sort of hit on all of the key points here and you can’t argue with any of it. Jimmy Carter sure as hell agrees with you. I guess I was attempting to be a bit more precise; what you describe, and what we discussed on here about five years ago, is rock and roll was in its death throes, evidently much longer than I thought according to your account. In other words, rock and roll has been flailing like a fish out of water for going on 20 years now. But what we have now is its death rattle and the reality of it being gone is starting to sink in. With everything you describe there’s still this denial….Now it’s about truly dead. I found myself at Chicago Open Air last summer and it was like fate; probably the last big rock show I’ll ever see or that will ever be. I soaked it all in for all three days…Kiss, Korn, and then Ozzy closed it out on the 3rd night and it was beautiful. The contrast between the true rocks stars like Ozzy and the punters who got lucky like Corey and Sully…those guys aren’t going to sustain this.

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