deeppurple640 Deep Purple appeared on the July 23rd broadcast of NBC’s Today show at New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza.

The band played their classic song, Smoke On The Water. Watch the performance below.

The band’s latest album, Now What?!, was released in North America in April 2013 through earMUSIC.

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  1. Blackmore would have never in a million years done anything like this. This shows what a great place in their lives and career they are at. They are obviously having a great time and that’s awesome.

    Five best Deep Purple albums in my opinion:
    In Rock
    Machine Head
    Made In Japan

    Most underrated Deep Purple album in my opinion:
    The House Of Blue Light.

    1. That is a perfect top 5, and all of the 1980s stuff was pretty good too. I saw them with G N R and Aerosmith in I think 1988 with Blackmore and Lord and they were out of this world. The current line-up plays out like an oldies show certainly good but past their prime by quite a few years. I saw them with an orchestra a few years back with my friend THE RICHMAN and the rain put a damper on things just a bit. That TODAY show performance is really good.

    2. Doing good DR, thanks for asking, although, after seeing Tesla, Styx & Def Leppard last week, I have a bad neck ache, getting old I guess, LOL! How you been? Glad you’re back, the board hasn’t been the same without ya!

    3. I’ve been good Doug. Thx for asking. I’m curious, how was Styx? Is Mr Gowan still with them?

    4. DR, Styx was incredible, only 9 songs, well 10 if you count the medley of covers, but it’s all about the quality, and the quality was excellent! And yes, Lawrence is still with them. Chuck, JY, and Tommy must’ve all found the fountain of youth, especially Tommy, still a fireball of energy! Tommy & JY are still ripping it, “Miss America,” “Blue Collar Man,” “Renegade,” the “Paradise Theatre” was rocking! It was like 1981 all over again! Take care DR, cheers!

    5. So refreshing to see these guys play. Totally agree, Blackmore’s ego would never have allowed them to play on, of all places, the TODAY show . But I bet this appearance bumped sales for them. Really enjoyed the performance; such legends!

    6. You got that right about Blackmore. Check out that video of “Hush” they did at the Playboy Mansion. Ritchie looks as if he’s ready to murder the guy whose idea it was to play there. (Rod Evans’s?)

  2. My top 10 favorite LIVE albums:

    10) Live After Death – Iron Maiden
    9) Cheap Trick At Budokan – Cheap Trick
    8) All The World’s A Stage – Rush
    7) Bad Boy Live! – John Sykes
    6) Double Live Gonzo! – Ted Nugent
    5) Priest…Live! – Judas Priest
    4) Strangers In The Night – UFO
    3) Alive! – Kiss
    2) Live! Bootleg – Aerosmith
    1) Made In Japan – Deep Purple
    “Highway Star,” “Child In Time,” “Smoke On The Water,” “The Mule,” “Strange Kind Of Woman,” “Lazy,” “Space Truckin’.” Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, BITE ME!!

    1. ON STAGE RAINBOW is a must on any live metal list for certain. Blackmore actually sounds better than Made in Japan and a guy named DIO on lead vocals is not bad either.

    2. Absolutely Michael, ON STAGE may have slipped my mind, but not my heart, God bless RJD, our “Rainbow In The Dark!” However in my opinion, Made In Japan was Deep Purple at their best, including Blackmore. Over 42 years later, I still get F’N goose bumps every time I listen to Made In Japan, sober, or buzzed!

    3. Doug, great list dude! I’d personally replace “Priest…Live!” with “Unleashed In The East” but other than that, your list is perfect in the order it’s in. Awesome that you have John Sykes’ live album on your list. Not many people know that album and that’s a shame because it’s badass start to finish.

      One funny note: I was sick in bed with the flu when I was 15 and I asked my mom if she’d go to the record store and buy “Live After Death” for me. I wrote it down for her. She brought it home, brought it to me and said the picture on the cover of Eddie bursting out of the grave was “morbid” and she hoped it gives me nightmares, which I thought was hilarious.

      And the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame can bite me to! LOL!

      Rock on bro!

    4. Thanks James! Priest…Live! – Unleashed In The East, is a toss up! Just depends on which one I listened to last that makes my top 10! It’s impossible with so many great live albums to make a absolutely perfect top 10 list, mine usually changes every couple of months, except for my top 3, that will never change! Double Trouble Live – Molly Hatchet, Exit…Stage Left – Rush, and even though not hard rock or metal, Frampton Comes Alive – Peter Frampton, are always around my top 10, as are others, but that would take all day, LOL! Yeah Eddie freaked a lot of people out, not Trunk, Maidens’ Eddie! IMO, like Purple’s Made In Japan, Live After Death was when Maiden was at their absolute best! Take care James, cheers!

    5. Scorpions – World Wide Live, another one always around my top 10!
      Next time, I’m going with a top 20, LOL!

    6. Nice list, only 1 I’d have to add would be Pat Travers – Go For What You Know.
      Love that album and hope Eddie can get PT on TMS next season.

    7. 1. Alive II
      2. Alive
      3. Live Evil
      4. Made in Europe
      5. Unleashed
      6. Night After Night – UK

  3. I honestly haven’t seem them in quite a while, but was pleasantly surprised at how good they sounded here. Steve Morse does a great job on the guitar. I wonder how different they would have sounded if Satriani had stayed in the band.

  4. From the other Doug :), if we are talking Live Albums, I would add Queen’s “Live Killers” and Thin Lizzy’s “Live and Dangerous.” But the lists above are all GREAT!

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