deeppurple640 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has officially announced next year’s inductees and they include: Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Chicago, N.W.A and Steve Miller will all join the class of 2016. They will be inducted on April 8th during a ceremony at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, with tickets going on sale to the public in February. HBO will broadcast the show in the spring.

Deep Purple Ian Paice tells Rolling Stone, “With so many lineups, it’s a minefield. If I was running the Hall of Fame, I wouldn’t have known how to do it…But it looks like we’re in and I’m very pleased.

Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen said, “Usually, I’m a man of many words, but this has got me in a tizzy here. I’m verklempt … Live at Budokan wasn’t too bad. Getting our first record deal wasn’t too bad. Doing 5,000 shows, not too bad. But this might get moved right to the top of our résumé.”

Every act besides N.W.A has a current touring band, and they all have former members that may join them on the big evening. Of particular interest to metal fans will be the status of Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who hasn’t played with the group since his departure in 1993. Drummer Ian Paice says he doesn’t know if he will even show up, let alone play with them. “He can confuse you sometimes,” he says. “You think he’ll do one thing and he’ll do the other. I wouldn’t put money either way on that one.”

Paice says that any decision regarding the performance will be made in conjunction with all the current members. “We don’t have salaried guys with [keyboardist] Don [Airey] and [guitarist] Steve [Morse]. They are fully accredited members of the band and they share in everything, and into decisions as well. They will have to be consulted and see how they feel about anything that the three of us originals think we would or wouldn’t like to do.”

Cheap Trick fans also might get to see the group play again with original drummer Bun E. Carlos, who left the band in 2010. Does Nielsen think that might happen despite the legal issues the two camps have had in recent years? “I’m sure he’ll be invited,” he says. “Do I know if he will? I don’t know. Why not?”

source: Rolling Stone .

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  • James K. on

    I had a feeling, that with all the public outrage, that Deep Purple would get in this time. Now, it’s time to debate/argue/complain about who’s inducted, if they’ll play together but that’s not for right now for me at least. I’m just happy the right thing was finally done even though it should have been done over 20 years ago. And Cheap Trick being inducted was a very pleasant surprise! If drama surrounds Deep Purple, it’s going to be pure fun when Cheap Trick steps onstage to accept their induction. Those guys, especially Rick, have great senses of humor, so that’ll be fun to watch.

  • Chris on

    I think RB and IG are on speaking terms these days; at least according to IG.
    BTW why is Nick Simper not mentioned in any of the clippings??? It was Nick’ suggestion that the band play Hush; it was Nick that showed Ritchie the riff to Black Night – Nick nicked off a song from Ricky Nelson called Summertime. Nick still plays around Europe with some band mates from the 1960s prior to DP, as well as playing with a younger bunch of guys from Austria called Nasty Habits…the Nasty Habits group is pretty good. They do great versions of the MK 1 songs…check em out on u tube!!! They have a new album out with Nick called the Dela Frog Conspiracy…

  • shannon mehaffey on

    What about Ted Nugent, right Dana?
    : )

    • Doug R. on

      Uncle Ted should be in the HOF already, but I think the committee is just too afraid of a real “Free-For-All! 😉 Know what I’m saying Shannon?

  • RTunes68 on

    I would not be so quick to assume that Steve Miller will be inducted without any drama onstage. I mean, what if The Joker won’t appear with The Smoker or The Midnight Toker? Or if Maurice won’t appear with the Gangster of Love?

    There could be a lot of Steve Miller drama….

  • John Rives on

    The flood gates need to be opened for Todd Rundgren. He has lived & breathed rock as a musician, producer, writer more than a lot of the current members.

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