Dave Everley  of Metal Hammer reports:

Former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider has said that the live music industry is “screwed” while the COVID-19 pandemic lasts – and he isn’t sure when it will bounce back.

Speaking exclusively to Metal Hammer, Snider says: “The live music industry is screwed for the time being. It’s hopefully not screwed forever, but this is certainly going to leave a mark.

Everything that’s happening is just horribly damaging, especially for young artists who don’t have the legacy or the licencing or branding that a band like Twisted Sister has.”

Snider, who was due to play summer shows with the hard rock supergroup Kings Of Chaos, adds that he isn’t sure whether people will return to gig-going even when restrictions are fully lifted.

He says: “How are people going to feel when gigs are back on? Will they even come? Will they be standing shoulder to shoulder in the audience, or are they going to be wearing masks?

As fan and as a performer, Rock N’ ’Roll is about that one-ness – those moments where a massive audience and the band and the song connect and we’re all one.

If that’s not there, I don’t want it any more. That’s not Rock N’ ’Roll. It better get back out there, cos I don’t think I want to do it if it doesn’t. I’m like an old brat who’s behaving like a child: ‘I want my Rock N’ ’Roll!'”

Snider will release a brand new live DVD/album, For The Love Of Metal Live, on July 31st. For more information, please click here.

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  1. Certainly is a mixed bag of crap on many fronts. Really feel for those in the industry and how their lives have been upended. I would be okay with wearing a mask at a venue, not sure I’d want to be packed in like lemmings at a thrash metal show. However, masks do work and the sooner we come to terms with them being the best mitigator we currently know of to reduce this Covid business the better off we are. But what do I know, I’m just a Canuck country boy transplanted in Oregon. Take care everyone and hope to see you at a show sometime soon, with a mask, of course! Lol \MM/

  2. When you get older, being packed in like sardines becomes less desirable (imho), but for young people, Dee said it best. “As fan and as a performer, Rock N’ ’Roll is about that one-ness – those moments where a massive audience and the band and the song connect and we’re all one.” I remember that feeling, especially at smaller shows, and it creates great memories of how moving a live performance can be.

    1. Yes, I’ve slowly become of the same mind regarding being squished in the pit & rail area. It was hard to be in the stands at my last show seeing Slayer, Primus and all of them back in November. Not being able to be inolved in the floor action and feel the energy of the band being that close. I’m normally a floor guy cause I’m 6’4” and always get close to, or on the rail. Wildest pits I’ve experienced thus far and as recently as last September, was Maiden in Tacoma, WA. Now at 48, and really since I turned 40, I’ve increasingly been getting tired of the traveling and all that comes with shows.

    2. Tasker,

      I would always get stuck standing behind guys your height at GA shows and I am only 5’1, so much for chivalry.

      Only ocne, in my entire life of going to hundreds of shows, did men push me to the front of the stage. I was at a Lynch Mob show and I could literally kiss George’s fingers, that is how close I was to him. I was very thankful, because I LOVE Lynch.

      D 🙂

    3. I don’t like being packed in like a sardine anymore either! Even way before the Coronavirus. I just want to be comfortable now, all I need is a good DVD, a hi-def TV, (not this computer streaming sh-t) some popcorn, a nice ice cold beer, and I’m good! 😉 Cheers!! 🙂

    4. I’m sorry Dana that has been your experience. Were you around me at a show I would put you in front of me. ;0]= When I was at Maiden in Tacoma I was center of the rail about 2 people from the rail and the two guys standing beside me were 6’8” & 6’10”! I shit you not and we were this gigantic wall in the front of the show. I swear small drunk drunk people would get trapped in the back of us and just get stuck there swirling around…it was so funny and I felt bad for them.

      Here’s a video of me and that 6’10” guy at 13 to 15 seconds. That was the craziest show I’ve ever been to as far as being close to the rail and security being out of control.

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