As previously reported, Chickenfoot will release Best + Live on March 10th. As part of that recording, the band will release Divine Termination, their first new song in five years. The band has released an official video of the song, it can be viewed below.

In addition to the new single, Best + Live includes over 90 minutes of live music – for the first time released on CD.

Sammy Hagar says, “Listening to this collection of songs from the ‘Foot brings back memories of some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a band. The chemistry between Chad, Joe, Mike and me is very special. It’s almost like visual music — you can see us having fun when you listen to these songs.”

To read more about Best + Live, and to view a soundtrack, please go here.

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  1. LOVE Chickenfoot! How I wish these guys would put out another new album of material! Sammy can sing, and still sounds as good as he did 30 years ago! Joe S. is an amazing guitar player, and Chad S. and Michael A. are a killer rhythm section. You can tell these guys love to play together, and they just have a good time creating the music. I’ve seen them live, and the chemistry between them is clearly evident. This is how it should be with guys from the 80’s. They aren’t trying to milk what they did back in the day for everything it’s worth, after it’s clearly dead (see Ratt, Quiet Riot, etc.). They are creating something new, and letting it stand on it’s own. I, for one, would MUCH rather support projects like this, than see my musical heroes trying to stick around on the county fair circuit with one or two original members playing their 80’s hits.

    1. Thanks, JJ. Totally agree with your statement about Sammy and Michael. Not sure what the beef is between the Van Halen brothers and Sammy. I sort of understand their wanting Eddies’ son Wolfgang to play bass with them, but I still think it shitty the way they treated Michael. But bringing Dave back in when he CLEARLY cannot sing the classic Van Halen songs anymore was a huge mistake. I may feel differently if they would put out NEW material that would work better with Dave’s voice as it is now. But Dave never had a strong singing voice. His appeal was his attitude and showmanship. I would definitely be interested in new material from the “Van Hagar” lineup of Van Halen. Sammy can still sing all of the material from those albums, and any new material would be KILLER!

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