CheapTrick Cheap Trick have settled their differences with drummer Bun E Carlos, says frontman Robin Zander.

Carlos, real name Brad Carlson, launched a lawsuit against his colleagues in 2013, claiming he’d been forced out of the band’s company and they’d withheld his share of profits.

He’d stopped playing live with them in 2010, but argued he was still “a full member of Cheap Trick in all respects.” He said he’d been shocked when they recorded a track without him in 2012.

In October a judge refused the band’s request to have the lawsuit dismissed.

But Zander tells our own Eddie Trunk, “We’ve settled our differences. Bun E’s a member of the band, but he’s not touring and he’s not recording. We’ve had our differences but we’re all settled up now. Hopefully we can forget about that era. The decisions that Cheap Trick makes, Bun E is part of.”

Carlos hasn’t made a public statement, but he wished guitarist Rick Nielsen a happy birthday via Facebook in December.

Download Eddie’s podcast with Robin Zander, by clicking here.


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  • Medved on

    I wonder if Tom is still a partner in Cheap Trick or is a highly paid salaried employee, seeing that he left the band back in 1980 then returned in 1988. As for Bun E, he continues to receive a partner’s share for basically contributing nothing more towards the band’s writing, recording and touring? Must be nice.

    • Doug on

      Often like in professional sports, unfortunately you wind up paying for someone who is no longer on the team. Isn’t Rick Nielson’s son their drummer now?

    • Medved on

      Daxx Nielsen is his name.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Must bring back Bun E. No other way.

    • Medved on

      Daxx is younger, more energetic, and holds his own just fine behind the kit. I don’t miss Bun E.

  • Harry Taint on

    Anyone else disappointed that his real name isn’t Bun?

    • James K. on

      Yeah, Brad Carlson just doesn’t have the same ring to it. (LOL!)

  • Michael B on

    He’s probably still hanging out in Rockford IL along with Rick. Nice to see them on good terms either way.

  • wag daddy on

    Is Bun E. the better drummer?…yes, he is-the problem is that Bun E. is temperamental & hard to get along with on the road, he only wants to play certains songs/set list-plus he and Robin don’t see eye to eye on things. Back in the day-Bun E. always had the ‘say’ in the band with touring, songs, set lists. In recent years, Robin has done more of the writing and developed more control of the band and thus butted heads with Bun E.. Robin, Tom and Rick also want to & can play a different set list every night as do their fans because they can and are such great musicians-Bun E. doesn’t like touring and wants a controlled set list and also due to back problems could only play 60-70 minutes at a time. Daxx is a great drummer and willing to do whatever is needed……Bottom line, as good as Bun E is….Cheap Trick can still be Cheap Trick without Bun E…..they can’t without Robin Zander.

    • todd nelson on

      I dont agree with you on the play time for ct sets.
      The problem I have with ct now is thats all the time they ever do : play is 60-70 min for the last 10 years !!
      Coheadlining and a greatist hits sets over and over .
      This is the reason I wont go see them anymore and haven’t for 10 years

      With the exception of the dream police sets they were doing over in WI a few years ago .
      22 songs or so !

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