Back in May, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo covered Celtic Frost’s The Usurper as part of the regular “Doodles” section of Metallica’s live show.

Celtic Frost’s Thomas Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom G. Warrior) was asked about the cover by Rolling Stone of which he said, “They butchered it, and it was humiliating. Why don’t they leave their millionaire fingers off it? They’ve long lost the ability to play true metal in my opinion. Maybe I should go onstage and do a really miserable version of [Metallica’s] Hit the Lights with, like, 200 mistakes to set the balance.”

He is no fan of Metallica frontman, James Hetfield, either, stating, ““This is completely personal, and I know probably the majority of your readers will not share this feeling, but even if they had done a fantastic job, I could puke all over it because I don’t support people who go hunting bears for a hobby. I cannot respect a person like that, even if it’s a genius musician.”

Read the entire interview here and watch Metallica’s cover of Celtic Frost’s, The Usurper, below.

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  • Dana on

    I guess Robert was not familiar with the lyrics?

  • Rattlehead on

    For the most part, I agree with Tom Warrior’s criticism of Metallica , although he does sound jealous when he names their “millionaire fingers”. Metallica do indeed “butcher” every song they cover during these “noodles” performed by Kirk and Rob. IMO, these “noodles” are always sloppy and never well performed. Why do those two need to perform these “noodles” in concert anyway, when the band could use that time to perform a real Metallica song for the attending fans? Does Lars need a rest from trying to play the drums????

    And I agree with Tom that Metallica has lost the ability to play metal. I don’t think the band has neither the heart nor the attitude to do it anymore. IMO, they haven’t put out a crusher album since the “Justice” album. Maybe they got caught up in their commercial success, cuz other thrash bands from that era, like Death Angel, Testament, and Exodus, can still crush it. I love Metallica’s first four albums, but they lost me with their “Blah-k” album.

    Now where I disagree with Tom Warrior is his criticism of Hetfield’s hunting. Legal hunting managed by Fish and Game is essential for the long term survival of the species. Animal population studies are done before the issuance of any hunting permits. IMO, hunting is not a hobby. It is essential management, as well as source of food for families.

  • MikeyMan on

    There’s four minutes of my life I’ll never get back!

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    I’m not a big fan of the noodles, as they’re a much needed break for Lars & James, or at least that’s what I’ve witnessed at their shows. While I don’t agree completely with Rattle, I do think they’re going through the motions more and more. We’ll see how much longer they can keep it going. I’m still very excited to take my wife and 11 yr old daughter to see them next month in San Fran with the SF Symphony. The new Chase Center looks awesome. We’ve got good seats in the lower bowl and are very excited. \mm/

    Note to Rattle: I’m not ashamed to say I love the Load/Reload albums. Some great blues chord work by Hammet on those albums. The Black album I love, too. Garage Days and Justice were my first albums I got back in 88’ around the same time seeing them on the MOR Tour in DC and then Memphis. St. Anger is my least fav and I don’t own Lulu as of yet. Cheers

    • Rattlehead on

      Tasker, great your family will all be together seeing Metallica! Your young daughter will be witnessing what many consider to be the greatest metal band in history, and I think that is so cool your daughter will have “bragging rights” to say she saw the “greatest metal band” perform live. It’s these memories you are helping create for her, and you and your wife, that last forever. Horns Up, Tasker! \m/

    • Dana on

      I take umbrage to that comment. IMHO, Judas Priest is the greatest metal band in history, but I am sure many would argue that Black Sabbath really started the genre.

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Thanks Rattle. Very Metal. Despite Lars’ chops deteriorating it should be a memorable event. Up the Irons! \MM/

      Dana, I did see the mighty Priest twice in fifteen months when they came thru Portland. They are great. She gets a generous amount of Priest and not just the hits. We’re talking Sad Wings and Stained Glass, hahaa. I want to give her a good balance of all metal/rock genre’s. Lol. ;o]== Cheers & horns

    • Dana on

      Awesome, did she like Priest?

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      She does like Priest and I wasn’t able to take her to see them. She does want to see the RUSH movie in theaters on Wednesday, though. It was hard for me to get good tickets for Priest and had to get em from Stubhub. $$\JP/

    • Dana on

      She sounds awesome.

  • D.J.H on

    Celtic Frost won’t be complaining when the royalties start rolling in from people who go and buy the original because they heard Metallica play their song.

    They should ask Brian Tatler from Diamond Head about that…. He’s earned from both the Metallica covers and purchases of the originals because of Metallica’s covers.

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