Truly an insane year and unlike anything any of us have ever experienced. I could obviously go on and on about the year it was, but we all lived it and know. Although I would love to think come tomorrow everything is better, I know it’s going to take time. But I do feel 2021 will be a better year and a step back to hopefully normal. Thank you all for your support as always, and I wish you and your families a happy healthy 2021. It sure as hell has to be better than what we just went through!

New podcast up now with Brian Wheat of Tesla.

Next live TrunkNation on SiriusXM is this Monday as we kick off another year. Weekend best of Sat & Sun 8-10P ET on 106.

Final year end FM theme show this weekend is all AC/DC. Premiers Fri 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC or streaming with the IHeartRadio app.

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Very sad to hear about the passing of Leslie West. Leslie was a friend who I was in touch with on a fairly regular basis. We last spoke about a month ago when he asked me about contacting Anthrax about a collaboration he was hoping to pursue. Leslie was a massive influence on many guitarists, and in some ways was severely underrated. Guys like Eddie VH, Michael Schenker and many more cited him as a top influence. The music he made with Mountain is timeless, and what you may not know if it had been sampled heavily in recent years by many hip hop artists. I remember seeing Mountain in the mid 80’s on a tour called “The Rock Summit” with Triumph. They sounded huge! Leslie had been on my radio shows several times, always fun to talk to! We also had him on That Metal Show as a guest and for a couple seasons as our announcer, which he loved doing. He was kind enough to give me a signed guitar about 5 years ago that is proudly on my wall. I just posted some photos on my Twitter and IG. He had a lot of long standing health issues, but it never seemed to get him down and I always found him to be full of energy and drive right till we last spoke. Condolences to his family, friends and fans. This awful year has claimed another rock icon. RIP Leslie, you were one of a kind!

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Wishing everyone safe and happy holiday’s and a much better 2020 for all! I am off from my daily SiriusXM Volume 106 radio show for the most part until 1/4. I will do 3 more live shows however on Volume 106 12/28-30 (including a live Hair Nation show 12/28 as well). Outside of that everything else is Best Of. Schedule is (all shows 2-4 & 10-Mid ET on Volume 106):

12/18: Producer Ron Nevison
12/21-25: Best of TrunkNation LA Invasions, with Slash, Motley Crue and more!
12/28: Live Hair Nation 39 5-8P ET
12/28-30 on Volume 106: New live shows 2-4P ET including “Band everyone loves that you hate” 12/29, year end favorites 12/30.

I will also be hosting specials on Eddie Van Halen & Neil Peart. The VH special debuts 12/23 7P ET, Neil 12/23 9P ET on 106 Volume. Both shows replay many times after and are on the app after the debut.

I also have a rock Christmas playlist special of music on Volume airing 12/24 10P ET and 12/25 5P ET

Syndicated year end specials 12/18 Van Halen, 12/25 Kiss, 1/1 AC/DC. All debut 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and stream free IHeartRadio app.

Podcasts: Today LA Guns, 12/24 Brian Wheat of Tesla, 12/31 Joe Bonamassa.

Please keep an eye on Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates.

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Remaining year end syndicated FM theme shows:

12/18: All Van Halen
12/25: All Kiss
1/1: All AC/DC

All shows debut Friday nights 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. You can also listen free via the IHeartRadio app by pulling up Q104.3 at that day and time. Show airs on all affiliates usual date and time over the weekend.

Daily live shows all this week 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume.

New podcast this Thurs with Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis.

I will be in Sarasota this weekend at the Kiss Masquerade hosting some events. This is primarily a virtual event due to Covid. See you there if attending or virtually online. Please note due to Covid concerns and restrictions there will be no meet & greets / photos. Apologies in advance. It is only due to safety concerns.

Thanks to all that ordered Cameo messages. If interested just search my name at www.Cameo.com

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Apologies for late updates here. I’ve been super busy in this final month of the year with the daily radio shows and preparing some year end specials on both the SiriusXM and FM radio sides. Here’s the run down for the daily year end theme shows for my syndicated FM show:

Weekend of:
12/11: All Rush
12/18: All Van Halen
12/25: All Kiss
1/1: All AC/DC

All shows air on all affiliates usual day and time and premier on Q104.3 NYC Friday’s 11P-2A ET. You can also hear them stream free with the IHeartRadio app on Q and other stations.

On TrunkNation daily on SiriusXM 106 2-4 and 10-Mid ET have had some great recent guests including Alice In Chains, Joe Bonamassa and Wolfgang VH. Tomorrow Phil Campbell of Motorhead.

Podcast now up with Wolfgang VH, this Thurs new episode with Jerry & Sean of AIC and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam with Matt Chamberlain.

My recent AXS TV show TrunkFest is now online free to all at www.axs.tv !

Please follow on Twitter for updates @EddieTrunk

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Huge thanks to Sammy Hagar who joined me yesterday on TrunkNation and talked about Van Halen for the first time on radio since Eddie Van Halen’s passing. Sammy is also doing a rebroadcast of his recent great birthday concert tomorrow. Check it out. It’s truly amazing what he is doing at this point in his career. Thanks also to Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and Matt Chamerlain for joining me today on TrunkNation. All interviews are On Demand on the SiriusXM app. These will also replay this weekend 8-10P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume. Remember SiriusXM is now FREE to all till 12/1!

Had Mitch Perry on the Hair Nation show yesterday. Mitch has a great new album out called Music Box. Have a listen if you love 70’s style rock!

New podcast this Thursday with guitarist Lanny Cordola who joined me from Afghanistan. It’s an amazing story perfect for Thanksgiving. Have a listen. Free as always. Podcast now up features Lajon Witherspoon & Myles Kennedy.

FM/syndicated show this weekend is 2 in a row from your favorite hard rock and metal artists for the holiday weekend.

The Grammy’s and American Music Awards continue to be a pathetic disgrace when it comes to rock. It is stunning the farce the Grammy’s have been for 30 years now in the rock & metal categories. Thanks to those who enjoyed my rants last two days on Volume. I wish they weren’t needed!

Have a great Thanksgiving if in the US. Please be sure to follow on Twitter for regular info and updates @EddieTrunk .

Personalized videos available on Cameo!

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