Sorry for the long time before posting here. Please be sure to follow me on Twitter @EddieTrunk as that is my primary place for news and info to share. Had a great hour on my SiriusXM show TrunkNation yesterday with Wolfgang Van Halen. I’ve known Wolf for a number of years, but this was the first interview and it really was a great chat. It’s hard not to root for him and his music given what he’s been through losing his Dad and what a well grounded person he is. Most important the music is really good. As much as it sucks EVH and VH are gone, I do think the future of the VH legacy is in really good hands. If you missed the interview it will replay this Sat & Sun 8P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume. It’s also On Demand now SiriusXM app and will eventually be my podcast. Thanks also to Tracii Guns & Phil Lewis for joining me today. That replays this weekend 9P ET. Next week on TrunkNation Sammy Hagar joins me Monday, Stone Gossard of Pear Jam on Tues. Updates on Twitter. Also Mitch Perry on the Monday Hair Nation show 5-8P ET live in 39.

New podcast up today features Myles Kennedy and Lajon Witherspoon.

Sadly due to Covid concerns the Lita Ford show 12/12 in Tulsa and Kip Winger show in McKinney TX 12/13 have been cancelled.

I will host (virtually) the LA Guns live stream 11/28 at 5P ET when they play Cocked & Loaded start to finish.

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I’ll be hosting a show this Fri in Las Vegas with Bald Man at Backstage Bar. It is FREE, but you do need to register for your free ticket in advance. Here’s the link. Hope to see you!


Podcast this Thursday is Damon Johnson and Richie Faulkner. Posts Thurs. Next Thurs Luke Spiller of The Struts and Tommy Shaw.

Had some great guests already this week on TrunkNation. Monday Ben from Black Stone Cherry joined me on Volume, John Bush joined me on Hair Nation. Today Myles Kennedy called in as well as Lanny Cordola. Lanny is doing amazing work living in Afghanistan and teaching young children guitar in war torn countires. Lanny was in Giuffria and House Of Lords back in the day. Amazing work he is doing. Reair of these interviews 8-10P ET on 106, All these interviews are now On Demand on the SiriusXM app.

I’ll be on vacation, returning for live shows Thursday 11/12 on Volume. Here is the best of schedule airing while I’m away. All shows 2-4 & 10-Mid ET on SiriusXM 106:

Bob Ezrin – Airs Wednesday 11/4

Maligned Albums You Love – Airs Thursday 11/5

King Diamond – Airs Friday 11/6

Tony Iommi – Airs Monday 11/9

Bands Playing to Backing Tracks – Airs Tuesday 11/10

Robin Zander & Lenny Kravitz – Airs Wednesday 11/11

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Sorry for the lack of updates here. Been super busy with 8 radio broadcasts a week (6 live on SiriusXM). Been some great shows lately including my Alice Cooper Top 20 which debuted today. Tomorrow you lists and Alice Cooper himself calls in. Live as usual 2-4P ET on Volume channel 106, replay 10-Mid ET, On Demand SiriusXM app.

Here is my Alice Cooper Top 20:

1: Billion Dollar Babies

2: Under My Wheels (Killer ’71)

3: Schools Out (’72)

4: No More Mr Nice Guy (Billion ’73)

5: I’m 18 (Love It To Death ’71)

6: Be My Lover (Killer ’71)

7: Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Love It)

8: Is It My Body (Love It)

9: Welcome To My Nightmare (’75)

10: Cold Ethyl (Nightmare)
11: Hello Hooray (Billion)

12: Elected (Billion)

13: Black Widow (Nightmare)

14: Only Woman Bleed (Nightmare)

15: Poison

16: I Love The Dead (Billion)

17: Brutal Planet

18: You & Me

19: I’ll Bite Your Face Off (Nightmare 2)

20: Freedom (Raise Your Fist & Yell ’87)

Been great to be back live Monday’s 5-8P ET for TrunkNation on HairNation as well. Guests this past Monday were Jeff Scott Soto and Bill Leverty.

New podcast this Thursday with Steve Stevens & Orianthi

This Fri & Sat I’ll be in Middletown OH at Land Of Illusion hosting the Bald Man show. This is a killer live rock band fronted by actor & musician Bald Man. After the bands set he debuts his horror film Hellbilly Hollow. If in the area come by. I’m there Fri & Sat nights only.

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It’s been a crazy week since we lost Eddie Van Halen. I’ve had a ton of great guests and fans call into my daily show on SiriusXM 106 Volume to remember EVH, and I’m sure this will go on for some time. Thank you to John 5, Tom Morello, Mike McCready, Bret Michaels, Sebastian Bach, Tom Keifer, Scott Ian, Neal Schon, Pat Travers and more for all talking EVH over the past week. It’s all On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Tomorrow I will post Bret and Sebastian as my podcast free to all. Tomorrow I will rank the first 6 VH albums with my TrunkNation audience! Should be fun! Friday all your calls. Live daily 2-4P ET on 106, replays 10-Mid ET.

The Monday 5-8P ET show on 39 is back live. Be sure to tune in and call in to TrunkNation on Hair Nation as well. That’s Monday’s only. Fun to have that show return to live most Monday’s.

I’ll be in Frenchtown NJ this Friday night at Artie’s to host a stop on the Bald Man music and movie tour. Free to attend!

Free TrunkNation stickers are back. If you’d like one or two send a self addressed stamped envelope (US addressed only) to:

PO Box 41
Cedar Knolls NJ 07927

Thanks to Goody’s Hangover for sponsoring.

Just announce I’ll be back in Tulsa at IDL 12/12/20 for Lita Ford acoustic.

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Impossible to overstate the loss today of Eddie Van Halen. A day we hoped would never come. It was so hard to know what was really going on with EVH the last few years. So many conflicting messages. Sadly turns out he was as sick as was rumored. I learned of the news while live on air doing my SiriusXM show and stayed on an extra hour till 5P ET on 106. I will once again stay on an extra hour live tomorrow 2-5P ET on Volume. Many guests will no doubt join. Sebastian Bach and Mike McCready have already said they will call in. Many fan calls as well. It’s been a hell of a day to say the least. Incredibly tragic. I only interviewed Eddie once and met him once. But I will always know I grew up with VH and saw many shows, so I will cherish that for sure. Join me on the radio this week as we celebrate him with you the fans. Eddie Van Halen was needless to say a guitar icon, but also a brilliant songwriter, musician and innovator of music. I’m grateful to be able to say I saw his magic on stage many times and his music has been a part of every one of my radio shows since I started back in 1983. I got the first Van Halen album when it first came out and I’ll never forget the impact it had on me. RIP Eddie and condolences to his fans, friends and family.

PS: The VH Trunk Top 20 is replaying now till Mid on 106 Volume. More soon.

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Sorry for the lack of updates here. I’ve been super busy with various things and sometimes I forget to get on here. Please be sure to follow on Twitter for up to the minute updates. That is my most active social media @EddieTrunk . Also IG and FB Fan Page on that handle.

Had a huge week of guests last week on TrunkNation on Volume. It’s all On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Today Steve Stevens was on with me. That replays like all shows tonight 10-Mid ET and is also on the app. Tomorrow Shaun Morgan of Seether (rescheduled), Wed joining me together will be Sully Erna and Aaron Lewis.

My Hair Nation show on Monday’s 5-8P ET returned to live today for the first time in over 6 months. I will now be back live most Monday’s for that extra 6th live show a week on SiriusXM.

New podcast this Thursday with Artmus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Noddy Holder of Slade. Check out all of my podcasts free now!

Tomorrow I do another R&R Fantasy Camp Materclass on radio & TV broadcasting. If you have an interest please grab a ticket now. It’s tomorrow (Tues) live 8P ET via Zoom. Last one I did was a blast, look forward to this one. Tix range from $25-$75. Go to www.rockcamp.com/Masterclass to sign up!

I will be joining a cool Halloween tour with an artist called Bald Man. It will be a great rock band and movie. Dates on my site I am hosting!

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