Bret Michaels was forced to cancel his November 11th performance in Greeneville, Tennessee due to a health issue.

According to Michaels’ team:

“With much regret, we hate to inform you that tonight’s Bret Michaels sold out performance will be postponed due to a medical emergency. Bret has an incredibly large kidney stone and several small stones that are now in a position that have made Bret immobile. While kidney stones are extremely painful on their own, being a diabetic complicates the situation and Bret needs to be monitored very carefully. As all Bret’s fans have seen in the past, it takes a dire emergency to keep him from performing. Bret loves his fans and was extremely excited to perform at this new venue for the first time. The date will be rescheduled within the next 24 hours, all tickets will be honored and all info will be posted on the venue’s site and all Bret Michaels’ sites and social media platforms.”

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  1. Top notch class act of a human being. The show with CHEAP TRICK was terrific. I’m looking forward to seeing him in late December as well. Money very well spent. Best wishes on speedy recovery. The positive energy at this guys shows is so refreshing during this era of out of control cynicism. If you want to have a good time at a rock show, go see him with or without POISON.

  2. Ouch! I’ve been there. Everyone says it’s the male equivalent to giving birth. I don’t think so. But peeing out a jagged rock is no fun, believe me! I have a very low, baritone voice but I hit frequencies that only dogs can hear when I passed kidney stones. Sorry to be so graphic.

  3. i had kidney stone attacks at 19,20 and 36 yrs old.. can make you pass out or throw up. carol burnett said passing a kidney stone is like giving birth.. i believe her.

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