blacklabelsocietyband2013 Black Label Society have released an official video for the song, My Dying Time, from the band’s forthcoming album, Catacombs Of The Black Vatican, due April 8th.

Watch the video below.

In other BLS news, the band will be headlining the Revolver Golden Gods Tour which kicks off on April 16th in Seattle, Washington. To see all the dates for the Golden Gods Tour, please click here.

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  1. I really like this song. IMHO Zakk has withstood the test of time, and earned my respect as a songwriter/performer/guitar slinger. (I’m sure he’ll rest easy, knowing that 😉

  2. I think Zakks playing is way over rated. If you play guitar you might get what Im saying. Fast? Yes he’s very fast. But he plays in the same scales most of the time and the same riffs. To me that’s another fault of Slash. Creating your own style makes it an easy trap to fall into. Listen to Zakks leads then Randy Rhodes leads. You will find very quickly Randy was all over the place And changes speeds. Being a fast guitar player Zakk shines but as far as a complete and versatile guitar player he gets a big fat F.

    1. Zakk is definitely Zakk, but while I understand where you are coming from (riffs & scales), I have to disagree a bit on the versatility statement.

      I recently read in Guitar World that he consciously made an effort to stay away from tapping, sweeps, and diminished scales when he got the gig with Ozzy. His feeling was that he wanted his own identity (as far as anyone can have their own guitar identity … that, in itself, is an incredibly difficult task), and didn’t want to be lumped in with all of the “known” guitarists of the time-period.
      In my opinion, the recordings of (Zakk with) Ozzy, Pride and Glory, Book of Shadows (under the simple Zakk Wylde name), the BLS albums, and so many other artists that he has recorded solos/rhythms/vocals for, have a very wide range of diversity.

      I think that Zakk does Randy justice in Randy’s rhythms and solos with Ozzy. I’ve seen the DVDs and heard Zakk play them live. Zakk will tell you that Randy is a god, and that he does his best. I personally think that he does a fine job.

      I am a Randy worshiper too, btw! I saw Randy on the “Blizzard of Oz” and “Diary of a Madman” Tours. Randy was/is an icon, and a very rare and blessed guitarist – no doubt about that.

      However, I do believe that Zakk should have earned a substantial amount of respect for his guitar, piano, and vocal skills. Yes, we definitely know what we’ll get under the Black Label Society moniker, and sometimes I get a little bored with it too (I’m an old bastard though! LOL) … but the guy is a monster, and I definitely have to give him a much better grade than a big fat F!

      Just MY opinion, though.

      “Horns Up”

  3. I don’t know, I have seen Zakk play on many different occasions….I for sure wouldn’t put him in the “elite class” of guitar players. Like not even top 100…..sorry but my 16 yr old nephew plays guitar & you can close your eyes & see Zakk

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