kiss-return Bill Aucoin’s former partner, Roman Fernandez, has released the following statement regarding KISS and the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony:

“I’m going on record.

I normally stand by the sidelines quietly watching the scrimmage in silence, but now, I feel I have to speak up.

My late partner, Bill Aucoin, bothered enough in 1973 to wager his entire career as a successful television producer and bet all the money he had, as well as money he didn’t have, on 4 kids from the streets of New York. He unfortunately can no longer speak for himself on the subject of KISS and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bill Aucoin gave KISS their start, as well as some of the best years of his life. KISS would, in fact, despite all his other successes, come to define Bill in the eyes of millions of fans and in the eyes of the industry. An industry that to a great degree didn’t give KISS the time of day when it mattered the most. No one did except for Bill, Sean Delaney and Neil (and Joyce) Bogart. All no longer with us except for Joyce. But, Bill and I spoke about this subject on several occasions before he passed. Bill Aucoin was not the type to reflect in regret, and he harbored no animosity. But he was convinced that due to politics within the board of the Hall of Fame, the day would never come that saw KISS inducted. I’m pretty certain he was OK with that.

But had Bill been alive to see the day it was announced that the group would indeed, despite every notion to the contrary, be inducted, might have been a nice parting gift for him. But it’s done. He’s gone. It could have just as easily been Paul, Gene, Peter or Ace. But they’re still here. And I’m pretty sure this is what Bill might have said in light of all this nonsense: ‘(….unintelligible noises) Look it, find a compromise, put everything aside for one night, be the larger than life rock stars you know you are, and then…. Onward and upward!’

I don’t believe Bill would begrudge any reasoning for the band members feeling however they may about one another. But, I also believe he would have recognized this as one singular night to put unresolved issues aside. Bill is no longer with us. If Paul, Gene, Peter or Ace were not here, this conversation would not even be possible. Life is too short to waste such a precious opportunity. If for no other reason, do it for Bill Aucoin. And for Sean. And for Neil. Love to all members of Kiss past and present. Onward and Upward guys.”

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  • Lee on

    Aucoin?…..where did the millions from the merchandising go? I think Kiss had enough of him. Sure Paul’s vocals suck and Gene & Paul wear wigs and Singah & Thayah wear somebody elses war paint…but look at the faceless no-names out there getting 9.000+ per night….I’ll take Kiss ’14 anyday.

  • Michael B Smith on

    this man has said some wise words that all of us could use at times like this and indeed we all should look at opportunities such as these and do whatever means necessary to put whatever negative feelings or problems on the back burner for now and try to remember that a lot of factors got you to the place you are today and although it was Paul and Gene that came together with an idea, it was also many others that put in their share, be it managers, company owners, producers, engineers, road crews, and of course the fans without whom paid for your product and without all these factors coming together, KISS wouldn’t be where they are now.

  • John on

    Kiss was so cool in the 70’s. The few fans they have now will never forgive Gene and Paul for this.

  • joseph on

    well said , i think gene and paul are wrong for this and hope they come to their senses before its too late…

  • Craig on

    I do hope they work it out and play together. I have no expectations they will reunite and tour. I do think peter and ace have burnt those chances. Please don’t be like Eddie Van halen and cheat yourself and the fans of this..

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