kiss-return Bill Aucoin’s former partner, Roman Fernandez, has released the following statement regarding KISS and the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony:

“I’m going on record.

I normally stand by the sidelines quietly watching the scrimmage in silence, but now, I feel I have to speak up.

My late partner, Bill Aucoin, bothered enough in 1973 to wager his entire career as a successful television producer and bet all the money he had, as well as money he didn’t have, on 4 kids from the streets of New York. He unfortunately can no longer speak for himself on the subject of KISS and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bill Aucoin gave KISS their start, as well as some of the best years of his life. KISS would, in fact, despite all his other successes, come to define Bill in the eyes of millions of fans and in the eyes of the industry. An industry that to a great degree didn’t give KISS the time of day when it mattered the most. No one did except for Bill, Sean Delaney and Neil (and Joyce) Bogart. All no longer with us except for Joyce. But, Bill and I spoke about this subject on several occasions before he passed. Bill Aucoin was not the type to reflect in regret, and he harbored no animosity. But he was convinced that due to politics within the board of the Hall of Fame, the day would never come that saw KISS inducted. I’m pretty certain he was OK with that.

But had Bill been alive to see the day it was announced that the group would indeed, despite every notion to the contrary, be inducted, might have been a nice parting gift for him. But it’s done. He’s gone. It could have just as easily been Paul, Gene, Peter or Ace. But they’re still here. And I’m pretty sure this is what Bill might have said in light of all this nonsense: ‘(….unintelligible noises) Look it, find a compromise, put everything aside for one night, be the larger than life rock stars you know you are, and then…. Onward and upward!’

I don’t believe Bill would begrudge any reasoning for the band members feeling however they may about one another. But, I also believe he would have recognized this as one singular night to put unresolved issues aside. Bill is no longer with us. If Paul, Gene, Peter or Ace were not here, this conversation would not even be possible. Life is too short to waste such a precious opportunity. If for no other reason, do it for Bill Aucoin. And for Sean. And for Neil. Love to all members of Kiss past and present. Onward and Upward guys.”

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  • Chad Storm (C.C. Storm) on

    Not much to add there, but well said!

  • Gary S on

    Fuck what Howard Stern says about KISS! He himself has been irrevelevant ever since he started sucking Rosie O`Donnels fat ass a few years ago! He used to be great but its obviously time for him to retire

  • el duce on

    Such a true statement by Roman. Unfortunately gene & Paul insist on being douchebags and refuse to do what the fans want. Gene & paul are nothing but a bunch of low life wig wearing losers that constantly put out terrible records as an excuse to continue touring and cash in on the shameful kiss sheep. Real kiss fans would not put a dime towards this wig wearing circus we call fake kiss. Paul’s voice is atrocious and the band has to play a step down due to his horrible vocals. Kiss has never sounded this bad live. They are ripping the fans off with these horrific performances and horrible albums. Kiss is done! Time to focus on aces New album…………………….

    • pete lytel on

      We all have our opinons but that was waaaaaaaaaay to harsh. You certainly dont sound like a real fan…ever or on any level. Totally rude, immature and unconstructive. Were you a bully in school? Or just a troll? Comments like yours give all of us a bad name. I saw Kiss on their last tour in St. Louis and they were actually very tight and Pauls voice was fine. Who are you to tell someone else to quit. YOU run out and get Aces new album. Grow up dude.

    • el duce on

      It’s the truth. I don’t see how what I said was out of line. I think kiss is a joke now unfortunately. The wigs,merchandise,bad performances, and records are unbearable. This version of kiss offers nothing new. Every line up before the current one had there own style, music, and identity. This lineup is just a terrible retread from the past.

    • DR on

      Creatures of the Night is my second favorite KISS album. Does that make me a fake fan?

    • el duce on

      No because that lineup had its own identity and sound. They moved forward instead of copying the previous line up.

  • Mopeder on

    Big up KISS dudes!! and let Ace and Peter perform at HOF with you. It would be classy of you if you would.

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