BobDaisley400 Iconic bassist Bob Daisely (Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Uriah Heep) has posted the following message at his Facebook page:

“[At] this year’s recent Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, Ozzy Osbourne was presented with the Classic Album Award for our Blizzard of Ozz album. After the ceremony, Randy Rhoads’ brother and sister, Kelle and Kathy, were taken aside and secretly handed a paper bag containing an award for Randy, for his contribution to the album. I find this insulting and disrespectful to the Rhoads family and, in particular, to Randy. I’d like to know why Randy’s award wasn’t presented ‘publicly’ to the Rhoads family members, and why drummer Lee Kerslake and I weren’t even mentioned. That album was not a ‘solo’ Ozzy Osbourne record, as many have been wrongly led to believe, it was a work of art made by four people, the band called The Blizzard of Ozz. I co-wrote the music with Randy, I wrote more than 90% of the lyrics, and the four band members played on and co-produced the album together, so why did “Classic Rock” choose to acknowledge only one member of the band? I do not begrudge Ozzy receiving his award, but I’d like to know why Randy wasn’t acknowledged ceremoniously and why Lee and I weren’t even mentioned, let alone given an award for our significant contributions to that album. ‘Classic Rock’ should know better, and they should be ashamed!”

Bob’s autobiography For Facts Sake was released in July and is available for purchase at and Amazon.

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  • Sean Koepenick on

    Not surprising after reading Bob’s book and Jake E. Lee’s recent comments on Eddie’s show about Bark at The Moon.

    • Bryan Martin on

      I would agree that Sharon as Ozzy’s management team had something to do with that. Still I can’t imagine ozzy personally allowing that to happen. Randy was an incredibly gifted guitarist and that album is filled with so much talent. Make no mistake, that band saved ozzy’s career and propelled him into legendary status. Because The Dio era of Sabbath had just begun and he would have been the Paul Di’anno of metal after that. So he should recognize the blizzard of oz band contribution.

  • Ken Bigora on

    Always found this interesting how Ozzy does not write music or lyrics….Too much credit given as a solo artist..He should have given more credit to the writers and be billed as Ozzy and a band aka Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the conspirators or the Joe Perry Project..

  • Joe Gruss on

    I think Sharon is a greedy, money hungry super control freak. Ozzy should kick her ass to the curb so he can go and do what he wants. She’s holding him back from things I feel….

  • Coredrum on

    Ozzy does on his own exactly what he does in Black Sabbath…contributes some lyrics but not the majority of them as that is geezer in Sabbath, and Ozzy interprets the song…just like Roger Daultry in The Who. I don’t fault him for that, except the issue is when he doesn’t give credit to those who helped write like Jake E Lee and Daisley, etc and it has happened with more than one member of his solo band, at different times and the accusations against Sharon are identical, so it seems he has a pattern of this with members of his band…Sometimes his solo albums are very vague in the credits. Black Rain for example has no mention of who wrote what on it….just who produced it…very strange. Maybe Eddie can shed some light.

  • Tom Sedge on

    Randy, Lee, and Bob were the band, Ozzy was just the singer. Unfortunately it’s always perceived the singer makes the band. I love Ozzy, because I love Sabbath, I just can’t stand Sharron………

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