Metallica: Seek & Destroy

Def Leppard: Foolin

Quiet Riot: Metal Health

Slash: Standing In The Sun

Judas Priest: Sinner (Live)

Accept: Restless & Wild

S.U.N.: Burned

Ozzy: Mr Crowley (Live)

Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss

Rainbow: Kill The King

Jason Newsted: Soldierhead

Motorhead: Chase Is Better Than The Catch (Live)

Overkill: Rotten To The Core

Riot: Swords & Tequilla

BLS: Overlord

Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour

Zebra: One More Chance

Aerosmith: Seasons Of Wither

Black Sabbath: Children Of The Sea (Live)

Black Sabbath: Snowblind

Thin Lizzy: Still In Love With You (Live)

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1/15: TOP 10, TMS, SOA, MORE

Thanks for all the response to the new site and the many new features. Lot’s more coming including the return of the members side, new audio and video and much more. For those interested in advertising with us that info is available in the contact us tab. Thanks for all the kind words about this new site design.


Many comments, some I responded to, about my Top 10 albums list. Hysterical to see the assumptions that are so wrong so many come up with. It’s MY list of what I TRULY loved from 2012. I NEVER felt the need to be someone I’m not and pretend to add or like things just to appear hip, current or cool. So you like what you like and that’s what I TRULY liked with no other agenda regardless of what you believe.I love all opinions and respect all, but its stunning the conclusions people come up with. Wow!


I do not know when new episodes of That Metal Show will be shot! I hope to know by the end of this month what the plan is. All decisions 100% up to VH1, NOT ME! I’d do it every week if it was up to me. Thanks for the support, news I hope soon.


Thanks to all who came and said hello in Boston this past weekend at the NE Motorcycle Expo. Appreciate Sickboy having me all weekend. Check out their clothing at www.sickboy.com Great people and cool shirts. Also cool meeting Theo Rossi (Juice) and Kim Coates (Tigg) of one of my favorite shows Sons Of Anarchy over the weekend. Theo is a Staten Island guy and it was like I’ve known him forever. Hope to have him on the radio show soon.


New Tom Keifer sounds cool. It’s out in Feb. Nice to have new music from Tom solo since Cinderella is not making new music.


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If you are in the Boston area hope to see everyone this weekend at the NE Motorcycle Expo at The World Trade Center. Been a while since I’ve been to Boston and it’s always been a great city for me. This is my first time back since being on the airwaves of WAAF, so hope to see many AAF listeners also. I’ll be at the SickBoy booth at the Expo Saturday 1/12 from 10:30-1 and 3-5:30 and Sunday from 10:30-2:30. I will be selling and signing my book as well and happy to sign already purchased books also. There is no fee at all to come and see me, however I am not sure what the access to the actual event is as I have nothing to do with that. I hear this is a really huge fun weekend so glad to be a part of it and thanks to Doug and SickBoy for having me. Some of the Sons Of Anarchy including my Twitter bud Theo Rossi (Juice) will be on hand too. Huge fan of SOA so look forward to meeting up. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for more.


Since I am in Boston this weekend my show Friday night on Q104.3 is all new, but pre recorded. I will be live Monday for SiriusXM show


I’ll also be at NAMM for the first time in Anaheim CA later this month. This is a HUGE music expo and I will be providing more info and updates on that very soon.


Thanks to all for the great response to this new site. Trust me, only scratching the surface of the cool stuff to come. A special thanks to my members for being patient through this transition. You guys will be addressed very soon. We are still tweaking some stuff and will be adding many things soon. Please see Contact Us tab to reach the new management of this site if needed as we continue our transition. And to my friends in the music biz as you can see we have some prime advertising real estate available here also. Hit Contact Us for further info. Appreciate all the support and much more soon.


Finally I admit I have never been great with Facebook, but I have made it a commitment for 2013 to try and connect and develop that a bit more when I have time. Thanks to all friends there and as you have already seen trying to connect a little more there. It is just so hard with so many things to deal with not only in social media, but work as well! Know I am grateful to all for being a part of my world though!


Just got and advance of the new Tom Keifer solo album. Sounds good, review soon.


Bummed my dear friend Mike Piazza didn’t get in the Hall the first time eligible. Seems like the MLB Hall might have some of the same people as the R&R Hall! No doubt Mike will be in very soon as he deserves!


Finally happy birthday to my daughter Elizabeth who turns 9 tomorrow! Had to end with the truly important stuff! More soon.

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Aerosmith: Legendary Child

Slash: You’re A Lie

Dokken: Empire

Rush: Headlong Flight

Van Halen: As Is

UFO: Burn Your House Down

Lita Ford: Living Like A Runaway

Accept: Stalingrad

Adler: The One You Hated

Tremonti: Leave It Alone

Motley Crue: Sex

Steve Vai: Gravity Storm

T&N: Tooth & Nail

Soundgarden: Been Away Too Long

Down: Witchtripper

Manowar: Touch The Sky

Steve Harris: This Is My God

Kill Devil Hill: Voodoo Doll

Fozzy: Sandpaper

Overkill: Electric Rattlesnake

Testament: Dark Roots Of Earth

BCC: This Is Your Time

Adrenaline Mob: Undaunted

Iron Maiden: Space Truckin

LA Guns: Better Not Love Me

Trixter: Machine

Stone Sour: Gone Soverign

Hellyeah: War In Me

Pantera: Piss

Kiss: Hell Or Halleluijah


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Welcome to the all new EddieTrunk.com! Really excited to launch this all new version of my official online home and I hope you take some time to have a look at the new features. This has just been launched and we still have a few kinks to work out no doubt, but I hope you like it and find it not only a great resource for the various things in my world, but also for the music we love in general. Many cool new exclusive features as we go forward with this new design and management of the site.

I’d like to thank all the folks at PAID in Boston who ran this site for the past four years, and give a sincere thanks to the sites new manager, my friend Erik Luftglass, who put a tremendous amount of time and expertise in this relaunch and will help make this even better going forward.

Also thanks to Dana Rosen, who has been the Queen of the music news on the site and continues to be. Her efforts and time are greatly appreciated! Thank you all for visiting and come back often to keep up with everything going on. Much more soon!

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Looking forward to being back on LIVE tonight after a couple weeks of holidays for my SiriusXM show. Join me at 6P ET/3P Pacific for Eddie Trunk LIVE on SiriusXM channel 39 Trunk Nation (Hair Nation). Brian Tichy will be checking in to talk about his departure from Whitesnake and much more. Plus Don Jamieson drops by. See you later for music and talk that rocks LIVE!

I will be in Boston this weekend for my first appearance/signing of 2013 at the NE Motorcycle Expo at the World Trade Center Saturday and Sunday at the Sick Boy booth. My times at the booth are:


Saturday: 10:30-1, 3-5:30


Sunday: 10:30-2:30


Come by and say hello if you are going or in the area. I’ll also have copies of my book to sell and sign while supplies last.


Thanks to all for asking about new episodes of That Metal Show. When I hear from VH1 on the schedule for 2013 you will be first to know!


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