Had a great trip to Boston to hang with WAAF listeners Friday night for their Halloween show at Tsongas Arena. Met so many great fans on the concourse of the arena. Sold many books also, thanks! My show airs in Boston on Sunday nights at 8 so spread the word and tune in. Hope to do more there soon. Huge thanks to Sammy Hagar who gave me a ride in and out of Boston on his private jet and headlined the event. I never flew private in my life up until a year ago and now have done it 3 times. I need to hit the lottery! What a way to go! Always enjoy hanging with Sammy. As a lifelong fan it was an amazing way to cap an amazing month that also included the trip to Brazil, the new book release and of course the huge party this past Wednesday for my radio show.


Speaking of the party it is amazing how many people thought it was for my birthday, regardless of the fact it was billed as a listener party for 30 years of my radio show. I wish I was just 30 haha! My birthday is in August, funny to get so many greeting of people that didn’t know what it was for, but thanks. There were SO many amazing musicians, an incredible set by The Winery Dogs, and MANY incredible guests who made such a great effort to be there and be party of this epic night. But of course all anyone is talking about is the reunion on stage after 13 years of Ace Frehley & Peter Criss, who buried the hatched for my event and I am so thankful! I intentionally did not announce the special guests in advance. I wanted people to come because they wanted to come, and these legendary surprises were that much more special because of it. I knew Ace & Peter were coming, I invited them. I did not know they would play or play together! That was a major surprise for me. This weekend at The Chiller signing show that’s all anyone was talking about. I also think though people are reading a bit too much into it. Yes Ace & Peter hung out and became friends again. Jamming and rehearsing for my event and catching up backstage and clearing any differences. They wanted to do this for me and made that clear, but I am also happy as a fan that it cleared the air between the two of them. Ace is making a new album. Peter told me he is reinvigorated to finish a rock album now. I think it’s highly unlikely this leads to anything more with them together and who knows, maybe it’s the last time they play together (I hope not!), but it was magic if you were there. There are many video clips all over YouTube. Audio was pro recorded so we will see what becomes of that.It was truly KISStory for those that were there and I am super honored they did it for me and my radio shows 30th year. But also want to be sure the AMAZING other artists and performances that night at not overlooked. Because truly everyone nailed it last Wednesday and I am grateful!


I’ll be back live tomorrow for the SiriusXM show. Needless to say a TON to discuss after a couple weeks away. 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKnation. I will be taking many calls and covering it all.


I hope to announce new book signings very soon for Ft Lauderdale, Dallas, Tulsa, Allentown PA, and more. Keep a close eye on this space and the Book Tour list on the home page. Thanks to all who have or will purchase my new book! Also please check out the cool new Eddie Trunk / TRUNK Nation merch on the just opened online store. Great for holiday gifts as well!

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  • ronda on

    Why did buckcherry let jimmy go

  • Beth Milligan on

    Congrads on your 30th! Wow, what a great group of people showing how much you mean to them! You deserve all of that and more. If you can come to Houston, I’m hoping to see you there. I am waiting to buy book II on the chance you do that. Dallas, though close, just would be a bit too far for us at this time. If not, I ‘ll get the book and have you sign it by mail as I did with book I. Hope you can come here. We have a great Barnes and Noble in The Woodlands. Would love to feed you (liquid refreshments included!) and get a chance to meet you.

  • James on

    Thank you for keeping rock alive!

  • joseph on

    congrats eddie for a strong and deicated run of 30 years .i myself remember you back as a kid from megaforce days when u involved with ace , anyways its joe in louisiana and its a great time for you and especially as a fan of kiss you was in awe with the reuniting of ace and peter , as a long time fan of the original kiss in makeup it was a cool and uplifting experience to say the least.. i thought ace nailed it on parasite.. many more great days ahead for eddie, metal and ace and peter..love rock n roll and original kiss

    • Eddie on

      Thank you!

  • Ryan on

    Congrats man that’s a huge accomplishment. You are like a hero to all fans of rock!

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