Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I’ll be LIVE 6-10P ET / 3-7 Pacific on SiriusXM 39 TRUNK Nation tonight. Sammy Hagar and Taime Downe will be guests. I’ll be in Florida with Sammy this Thursday hosting the latest stop on his 40 years of rock tour at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. Sammy plays the arena this Thursday and you can meet me starting 6P right in the venue lobby selling and signing both of my books. Hope to see you if in S Florida this Thursday night!


TMS is back with all new shows this Jan. Thanks to all for the patience waiting for the new episodes. Have some cool stuff to announce soon. I’m taping some promo segments with Don & Jim in NJ this Wednesday. Will be fun to reconnect with the TMS crew!


Tons of reaction to my interviews with Ace & Peter this Friday. Remember you can hear these interviews on all my affiliates this weekend listed on my site and here On Demand for AA Members. Peter mainly celebrated how much fun he had playing my party, while Ace had some very direct words for Gene and Paul. There are no plans for them to work together. They simply jammed and had fun reconnecting for my event. I’m sure you’ve already read transcripts and heard audio posted all over the net. By the way, I would love to offer the other side of the equation the chance to respond, however as you well know by now they avoid my shows. But my door is always open..


Just watched an amazing film about Lamb Of God and the ordeal Randy Blythe went through with his court case in the Czech Republic. Powerful stuff. More on this soon.


Many requests for book signings in many cities which I appreciate. Please note I go to cities where there are opportunities offered and where my schedule permits. I simply can not get everywhere but will add new dates when I can. Please see the new dates in TX, OK, FL and PA just added. They are all on the home page. More when I can and my schedule allows. Thanks! In the meantime VOL 2 out now everywhere!

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  1. I read some transcripts online from your interview with Ace. Good for Ace for pushing back hard and calling a spade a spade when it comes to Simmons’ most recent rant. He really can’t help but put his foot in his mouth. That is all he does. Ace’s comments about Simmons were right on the money because they are all true. Way to go Ace. Gene, most of us are tired of your lowest common demonimator and broken record remarks. Ace and Peter are far and away better role models that you are today. I don’t respect people who deliberately make condescending and innacurate remarks. Ace & Peter – more of us respect you that the other two. You’ve turned your lives around and we’re really proud of you. Lots of luck with and best wishes as far as any new material that you may put out in the future.

  2. Ace had it right about the Movie and you can’t but really feel any other way about it than how Ace felt. Paul and Gene are really sort of butt heads about everything. If they get inducted it would awesome to hear what goes on back stage after the event. I think Ace would smile and leave but Peter would be the one to snap on them afterwards.IF it happens Eddie you should get VH1 to let you do a Live backstage show it would be priceless.

  3. What a pissing contest this KISS thing has turned out to be between former and current band members and fans. Although I appreciate KISS and all they have done for hard rock/metal, I was never a huge fan. AC/DC was/is my band.

    Too bad…it would be great to somehow see the original lineup play together but that just won’t happen.

    1. I can’t see a scenario where they wouldn’t at least do one song together. But anything possible in this world. All depends how much control Gene & Paul have in it. But the original band will be inducted hopefully this year, and pretty sure all 4 will have a say in how it goes off since the Hall runs the Hall, not any element of the band past or present. Let’s just hope FINALLY this happens. Then go from there.

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