Playlist 5-27-16

Double Play Memorial Day

Megadeth: Holy Wars
Megadeth: Sweating Bullets
Metallica: Seek & Destroy
Metallica: Creeping Death
Motley Crue: Too Young To Fall In Love
Motley Crue: Hooligans Holiday
AC/DC: Given The Dog A Bone
AC/DC: Shot Down In Flames
Aerosmith: Legendary Child
Aerosmith: Lord Of The Thighs (Live)
Anthrax: Antisocial
Anthrax: Keep On Runnin’
Black Sabbath: NIB
Black Sabbath: Die Young
Iron Maiden: The Trooper
Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man
GnR: My Michelle
GnR: Sympathy For The Devil
Judas Priest: Dragonaut (Live)
Judas Priest: Delivering The Goods
Ace Frehley w/Mike McCready: Cold Gin
Kiss: Young & Wasted
Van Halen: Loss Of Control
Van Halen: Good Enough
Cinderella: Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

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Playlist 5-20-16

ETR 5/20/16
Ozzy guitarist Gus G is the guest

Megadeth: Symphony Of Destruction (Live)
White Zombie: Thunder Kiss 65
Danzig: Mother
Judas Priest: Victim Of Changes (Live)
Tremonti: Betray Me
Vinnie Moore: La Grange
Yngwie Malmsteen: I’ll See The Light Tonight
Deep Purple: Speed King
Def Leppard: Wings Of An Angel
Dokken: The Hunter
Extreme: Get The Funk Out
Fastway: We Become One
Grim Reaper: See You In Hell
Gus G: We Are One
Ozzy: Soul Sucker
Punky Meadows: Loaded Gun
Queensryche: Jet City Woman
Savatage: Of Rage And War
Rainbow: Power
Anthrax: Suzerain
Black Sabbath: Thrill Of It All
Black Country Communion: Black Country
Rival Sons: Where I’ve Been

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Playlist 5-13-16

ETR 5/13/16
Rudy Schenker of Scorpions is the guest.

Pantera: Walk
Metallica: Creeping Death
Rainbow: Man On The Silver Mountain
Ratt: Wanted Man
Motorhead: Electricity
Motorhead: Ace Of Spades
Van Halen: Dirty Movies
Van Halen: Summer Nights
Ace Frehley: R&R Hell
Kiss: Hotter Than Hell
Manowar: Metal Daze
Marilyn Manson: Sweet Dreams
Scorpions: Going Out With A Bang
AC/DC: Overdose
Guns N Roses: Estranged
DGeneration: Apocalypse Kids
Faster Pussycat: Don’t Change That Song
Dio: R&R Children
Hear N Aid: Stars
Dream Theater: Moment Of Betrayal
Rush: The Trees
Thin Lizzy: Emerald (Live)
Vandenberg: Burning Heart

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Playlist 5-6-16

ETR 5/6/16
Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight (Live)
Kingdom Come: Get It On
Keel: The Right To Rock
Judas Priest: Love Bites
Megadeth: Dystopia
Metallica: Cyanide
Michael Schenker: Armed & Ready
UFO: Too Hot To Handle
Scorpions: We Built This House
Skid Row: Monkey Business
Slash w/Lemmy: Dr Alibi
Stryper: Soldiers Under Command
Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley: Fire & Water
Ace Frehley: Cold Gin
Overkill: Frankenstein
Ozzy: Mr Crowley
AC/DC: Night Of The Long Knives
Symphony X: Without You
Ted Nugent: Dog Eat Dog
Accept: Balls To The Wall
Tremonti: My last Mistake
King Diamond: Welcome Home
WASP: Wild Child
Alter Bridge: Calm The Fire
Sammy Hagar & The Circle: Dreams (Live)

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Playlist 4-29-16

ETR 4/29/16
Zakk Wylde is the guest

Motley Crue: Live Wire
Queensryche: Queen Of The Ryche
Pantera: Mouth For War
Rob Zombie: Dragula
Anthrax: Breathing Lightning
Rainbow: All Night Long
David Lee Roth: A Lil Ain’t Enough
Van Halen: Fools
Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley: Fire & Water
Aerosmith: Sick As A Dog
Iron Maiden: Wasted Years
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King
BLS: Fire It Up
Badlands: Winters Call
Punky Meadows: The Price You Pay
Angel: Rock n Rollers
Def Leppard: Stagefright
Enuff z Nuff: New Thing
LA Guns: Electric Gypsy
Lamb Of God: Overlord
Metallica: Fight Fire With Fire
Motorhead: Overkill
Delta Deep: Mistreated

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Playlist 4-22-16

ETR 4/22/16
Ace Frehley is the guest

AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
AC/DC: Let’s Get It Up
GnR: It’s So Easy (Live)
Cheap Trick: Heart On The Line
Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers
The Cult: Lil Devil
Dokken: Into The Fire
Kiss: Shock Me (Live)
Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley: Fire & Water
Ace Frehley & John 5: Parasite
Judas Priest: Devils Child (Live 2015)
Monster Magnet: Powertrip
Metallica: The Four Horsemen
Metallica: Ride The Lightning
Anthrax: Monster At The End
Black Sabbath: TV Crimes
Black Sabbath: Never Say Die
Rush: YYZ
Megadeth: Lying In State
Slayer: South Of Heaven
Saxon: Denim & Leather
Scorpions: Make It Real
Alice Cooper: Only Women Bleed

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