Playlist 4-4-15

Kiss: Unholy
LA Guns: Never Enough
Lynch Mob: Wicked Sensation
Megadeth” Symphony Of Destruction
Tremonti: Another Heart
MSG: On & On
Montrose: Rock Candy
Motley Crue: Shout At The Devil
Motorhead: Ace Of Spades
Overkill: Frankenstein
Whitesnake: Burn
Deep Purple: Speedking
Yngwie Malmsteen: Hold On
David Lee Roth: Shyboy
Van Halen: Panama
Twisted Sister: The Kids Are Back
Twisted Sister: What You Don’t Know
Tom Keifer: Solid Ground
Two: I Am A Pig
Black Star Riders: Bullet Blues
Anthrax: Only
Angel: Tower
AC/DC: Rock Or Bust
Motor Sister: This Song Reminds Me Of You
Ozzy: The Ultimate Sin
Pantera: Goddamn Electric
Vince Neil: Nobody’s Fault
Aerosmith: You See Me Crying

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Playlist 3-27-15

Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry
Twisted Sister: Under The Blade
Twisted Sister: You Can’t Stop R&R
Adrenaline Mob: Feel The Adrenaline
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Megadeth: Anarchy In The UK
Metallica: Blackened (w/bass)
Motley Crue: Helter Skelter
Europe: War Of Kings
Dream Theater: Pull Me Under
Extreme: Decadence Dance
King’s X: King
John 5: Portrait Of Sidney Sloan
Dio: We Rock
Killswitch Engage: Holy Diver
Corey Taylor: Rainbow In The Dark
Black Sabbath: Sign Of The Southern Cross
Girlschool: Demolition Boys
Exodus: Salt In The Wound
Grim Reaper: See You In Hell
Fight: Immortal Sin
FFDP: Lift Me Up
Farmikos: Exit Stencils
Gary Moore: Victims Of The Future
Bruce Dickinson: Chemical Wedding
Crobot: Nowhere To Hide
Damn Yankees: High Enough

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Playlist 3-20-15

Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers
Def Leppard: Another Hit & Run
Ace Frehley: The Joker
Black Star Riders: Charlie I Gotta Go
Thin Lizzy: Thunder & Lightning
Triumph: I Live For The Weekend
Van Halen: In A Simple Rhyme
Van Halen: Panama
Zebra: Tell Me What You Want
The Winery Dogs: Elevate
Vinnie Vincent Invasion: Boyz Gonna Rock
Kiss: War Machine
Guns n Roses: Civil War
Great White: Rock Me
Exciter: Pounding Metal
UFO: The Killing Kind
Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour
Metallica: Broken, Beat & Scarred
Michael Schenker: Live & Let Live
Motorhead: Killed By Death
Queensryche: Empire
The Answer: Long Live The Renegade
Skid Row: Little Wing

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Playlist 3-13-15

Twisted Sister: You Can’t Stop R&R
Winger: Can’t Get Enough
UFO: Too Hot To Handle
Triumph: Magic Power
Van Halen: Panama
White Lion: Hungry
Yngwie Malmsteen: Heaven Tonight
WASP: Wild Child
Crobot: Nowhere To Hide
DAD: Sleeping My Day Away
Dio: All The Fools Sailed Away
Doro: Egypt
Frank Hannon: Electric Chair
Def Leppard: Rock Brigade
Def Leppard: Die Hard The Hunter
Izzy Stradlin: Shuffle It All
John 5: This Is My Rifle
Joe Satriani: Crushing Day
Overkill: Frankenstein
Iron Maiden: The Wickerman
Queensryche: Eyes Of A Stranger
Judas Priest: Love Bites
Black Star Riders: Blindsided
BLS: In This River

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That Metal Show 100th Episode Web Extras

Legends Of Punk, Hip-Hop, and Thrash Unite As Marky Ramone, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and Gary Holt Drop By VH1 Classic’s Centerpiece In Original ProgrammingWhitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra Returns As Guest Musician and David Coverdale Checks In Via The “Metal Modem”

With Season 14 of “That Metal Show” already making history (the Season 14 premiere was the second most watched Season Premiere in the history of the series) VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming makes history again with its most diverse lineup of guests since the show began. This week’s show features legendary punk drummer Marky Ramone of the Ramones, Hip-Hop’s “King Of Rock” Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC, and thrash forefather and guitar hero Gary Holt of Exodus/Slayer.

The episode also features Whitesnake’s new guitarist and TMS alum Joel Hoekstra making his return to “That Metal Show” as the guest musician. Joel dazzles the crowd with his incredible playing abilities and gives us some insight about the upcoming new Whitesnake record called The Purple Album slated for release on May 19th. Whitesnake singer and longtime friend of the show David Coverdale checks in via the “Metal Modem” from the recording studio where he is presently laying down the final tracks for The Purple Album.

Marky, Darryl, and Gary are candid and reveal their love of classic rock in the “Put It On The Table” segment. Eddie has a difficult time with “Stump The Trunk” this week and “Take It Or Leave It” has the guys discussing music streaming services and how they feel it affects the current music business. The “TMS Top 5” discusses the hosts’ favorite Album Closers and the “Throwdown” pits two genre smashing songs against each other as Run DMC/Aerosmith “Walk This Way” faces the Public Enemy/Anthrax “Bring Tha Noize.”

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Playlist 3-6-15

Deep Purple: Stormbringer
Whitesnake: Slide It In
Cinderella: Shake Me
The Cult: Lil Devil
Fastway: Say What You Will
Slash: Shadow Life
VH: The Full Bug
VH: Summer Nights
Montrose: Rock The Nation
Y&T: Don’t Stop Runin
UFO: Run Boy Run
Skid Row: Youth Gone Wild
Rob Zombie: Dragula
Pantera: I’m Broken
Motley Crue: Primal Scream
Rush: Bastille Day
Rush: The Camera Eye
Love/Hate: Rock Queen
Kix: No Ring Around Rosie
Kiss: Makin Love
Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight
Judas Priest: Freewheel Burning
Black Star Riders: The Killer Instinct
Black Sabbath w/Dio: NIB
Anthrax: Indians
Alice In Chains: Them Bones
Blue Murder: Jellyroll

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