With all the media chatter about the reunion shows of Dokken’s classic lineup, I remembered that the band had appeared on Dick Clark’s, American Bandstand, back in 1985, where they played, Just Got Lucky and Alone Again.

So, I thought it would be fun to post that classic footage, and we could have our own mini reunion, of sorts, right here on the site. Enjoy…

BTW, for those who would like to skip to the interview, please go to 4:38.

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    • Dana on


      Thank you for posting that link-LOL!! I had never seen those performances, and now you have inspired me, I think I will post another nostalgia link, for the Labor Day holiday.

  • Greg in H2Otown on

    I remember Def Leppard doing Photograph on AB in ’83, they did Rock of Ages or Too Late For Love too, can’t remember which, been so long. Good stuff!!

    • Dana on

      Hi Greg,

      It was, Rock of Ages, and it was that song, in particular, that made me run out and buy, Pyromania, the very next day.

      I had never heard background vocals like that before. I remember thinking, “Wow, it sounds like 30 people are singing, even though there are only five onstage.” Mutt Lange was so ahead of his time with that technique of double, or triple, tracking the backing vocals, to make them sound so full. It made the Def Leppard sound unique, and instantly, recognizable.

      Pyromania is my second favorite album behind, Judas Priest’s, Screaming For Vengeance, which will always be number one. 🙂

      D 🙂

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