Since the band announced the cancellation of their entire 2020 touring schedule, Alter Bridge has taken time to do what they are known best for – creating. Never a band to take a lot of personal time off, the band reviewed live recordings from their shows in January/February 2020 to pick a few of their live favorites of songs from their latest album Walk The Sky. This led bandmembers Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips to begin sharing ideas for a new studio song. Those collective ideas would yield a new, original song entitled Last Rites– a track written, recorded and completed entirely during the Covid-19 lockdown.  The final version of Last Rites, along with live versions of Wouldn’t You Rather, Pay No Mind, Native Son, Godspeed, In the Deep and Dying Light, will form the new 7-song EP, Walk The Sky 2.0.

The new Walk The Sky 2.0 EP is now available for pre-order in various configurations. These include a Jewelcase CD (available worldwide), Jewelcase CD + t-shirt (Napalm Records exclusive worldwide except North America), Cream colored Vinyl Gatefold LP (available worldwide), and a limited edition Inkspot Yellow/Black Marbled Vinyl Gatefold LP (Napalm Records Mailorder only). The album will also be available in a digital bundle with the original Walk The Sky and Walk The Sky 2.0 together as well as a limited edition 2-CD Earbook with both versions included (Napalm Records Mailorder only). All versions of Walk The Sky 2.0 can be ordered here.

The tracklisting for Walk The Sky 2.0 is:

1)     Last Rites

2)     Wouldn’t You Rather (Live)

3)     Pay No Mind (Live)

4)     Native Son (Live)

5)     Godspeed (Live)

6)     In The Deep (Live)

7)     Dying Light (Live)

In other news, Alter Bridge are releasing a new single from their latest album, Walk The Sky, entitled Native Son, which has racked up over five million worldwide streams to date, and is currently impacting at radio. In celebration of this announcement, the band have released an official video for the song. The video for Native Son was created by Stefano Bertelli and can be seen below.

For more info visit:

Twitter: @alterbridge

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  1. im not being a wise-asss but i need this answered.. isnt alter bridge basically the band creed with a different lead singer?? i dont even know why i think that but i do..

  2. thanks, but i need the follow up now. why not just be CREED still? does stapp own the name?..makes me think of other bands that could have done this too , imagine if this happened in earlier days. van halen becomes van hagar, vince neil becomes jabba the hut(oh wait thats now)

    1. Tom,

      That I couldn’t tell you, but I am sure a search engine could find the answer for you.

      Perhaps, he does own a percentage of the name, so they just thought it wise to change it for both legal, and financial, reasons?

      D 🙂

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