Nights With Alice Cooper, the long-running radio show hosted by legendary rocker Alice Cooper, will come to an end next month. The final weekday show will be delivered on September 8th.

Nights With Alice Cooper debuted in January 2004 at 93.3 KDKB Phoenix before moving to sister Classic Rock 100.7 KSLX following KDKB‘s 2014 flip to Alternative.

Among the other stations carrying the show are KGGO Des Moines, WMMQLansing, KOZZ Reno, WEZX Scranton and KLPX Tucson, in addition to stations in Australia and the United Kingdom.

United Stations EVP/Programming Andy Denemark confirmed the end of the show to Radio+Television Business Report.

The decision to end the popular program is reportedly linked to the sale of United Stations Radio Network to GeminiXIII, with new management planning to take the programming in a different direction.

A source told Radio+Television Business Report that Cooper is not retiring or quitting radio and that the decision to end the show was forced by a change in direction by the management of United Stations Radio Network.

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  1. I wonder if this really has to do with Cooper’s recent statements, in which he was critical of transgenderism, and the inappropriate messages, being given to children regarding sexual identity?

    He was dropped by a makeup company, because of those comments, so I question if this is more of the same.

    Of course, once new management takes over, it is possible they are going in another format direction. However, I cannot help but wonder, if that is just code for “You’re fired, because what you said, is politically incorrect in today’s climate.”

    Cancel culture is antithetical to American values and philosophies.

    1. What is happening in America is a real shame. There are lots of sick and evil people trying to ruin this country with indoctrination of children in schools, trying to hide stuff from parents, trying to shred any and all aspects of the constitution, crying racism if you blink the wrong way and so much more. All politicians need to be held accountable and fired for not doing their job. We need a complete reset. Morals, values and accountability need to return.

    2. Ah yes…the good old days when certain people and women knew their place, cigarettes were good for you, didn’t have to wear a condom, went to church every Sunday to show face (hung over), Rob Halford was straight, and better dead than red. You are so right, morals, values and accountability need to return…just as long as you are talking about MY morals, values and idea of accountability…otherwise you are just trying to indoctrinate me. Thoughts and prayers!

    3. I knew Halford was gay at 14, it was the worst kept secret in rock. Everyone knew, he could have come out in ’84, and it wouldn’t have mattered to me, nor most diehard fans. Your sarcasm is empty, and I am not forcing my “morals” upon anyone.

      However, there are too many hypersensitive babies out in the world. God forbid, you call them the wrong pronoun, one is banished to the “-ist, phobe, etc.” category. The terms “racist,” “homophobe,” and “transphobe,” have become so oversaturated, and cried wolf, that when an actual case does occur, most people will not believe it, and that is a scary thought. I really feel sorry for comics today, they have to walk on eggshells, it’s quite pathetic.

      Also, cancel culture is not the excuse du jour for one to spout controversial, incendiary and legitimately, and that is the key, legitimately, hateful comments. It is real, and it is dangerous, just ask Jennifer Aniston, who recently slammed the practice, and she is far from Ted Nugent, in political ideology.

      Now, I suggest we move on from this topic. Feel free to once again return to your fourth rate version of AC/DC, and I presume, a Bud Lite. LOL!!

    4. Not sure I see the problem with “You’re fired, because what you said” if what was said is contrary to the companies business standards, morals or ethics. Employees can certainly have standards, morals, ethics, beliefs, etc. that are different than the Companies but choosing to exercise ones rights to free speech, by making contrary comments that come back to the company, does not come without consequence.

      First amendment rights are not absolute. Suffering a consequence when exercising ones right to free speech is not the removal of the right. Try yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. Walk up to a stranger and call them the “N” word. See how that goes.

      People who want to say racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic things seem to want a license to say them – but then they get upset when other people respond with, “That’s racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic.” Cancel culture is a beat-to-death term used by people to put a cloak of respectability over the fact that they want to be able to say offensive things without consequences.

      Hope I don’t get canceled for my post…or perhaps my post get “canceled” while “awaiting moderation”.

    5. More accurately stated…”Cancel culture is a beat-to-death term used by people to put a cloak of respectability over the fact that they want to be able to say things, that OTHERS find offensive, without consequences”.

      Now back to my Rhino Bucket, pool float and my beer.

    6. You’re free to your opinion, and I won’t cancel you, that’s the difference. However, I respectfully disagree with everything you wrote, free speech is a an absolute, and as Volatire once said, “I do not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

      Once free speech, and honest debate is censored, we are no better than any other totolitarian regime. Cooper is entitled to his opinion, and if the radio station wants to relinquish their business with him, that’s fine. But, as consumers we can also vote with our dials, and that radio station may soon find themselves, without an audience.

      PS- It seems my comment really struck a nerve with you, and while we are on the topic, I was born a biological female, but I identify as a Queen. So, from now on I suggest you address me as her highness, or else I will cancel you-LOL!!!

    7. So we agree 100%, Alice is entitled to his opinion. As is the company that released him from the deal…however their decision to do so led to your comment that “cancel culture is antithetical to American values and philosophies”. That does not sit well with your Voltaire quote. Rules for thee but not for me perhaps?

      And isn’t being “Bud Lite’d” canceling? Oh wait…that is just voting with your wallet. No contradiction there.

      PS – no nerve struck so hold off on the tap on the back. I just found it odd that the moderator of a hard/rock heavy webpage took the liberty to kick off comments, on Eddie Trunk’s platform, to enlighten us about cancel culture. I come here for fun and information, not to see off-topic moderator initiated (at least I think you are) comments and “spot on” remarks to another poster who says “what is happening in America is a real shame”. Says you!!! Maybe save the USA sucks and is going to hell stuff for LOL

      Hope you don’t cancel my reply.

    8. “Lou”

      If you were truly a regular reader, or poster, on this site, you would know, that unlike other online music platforms, I hardly post anything considered political. Additionally, I tend to shut down that type of conversation, for this very reason. However, I am entitled to express my opinion, and “if you don’t like it, I don’t care.” Oh wait, that’s a Cinderella song. But I digress, you could have just simply skipped my comment or just left the site, no one is forcing your hand.

      As a Journalism major, I have the write (SIC on purpose as a pun) to question a company’s motives, and I do not like when people are fired because companies bow to public pressure, and that is what I suspect happened here. Yes, it is their perogative to do so, but I don’t like when people are bullied. I am so incredibly sorry if my comment ruined your day, and your experience on this platform. However, I have the number of a call center where you can lodge your complaint…hold on while I get it…Also, tsk tsk, you forgot my site would be

      Finally, I am way more than just a moderator, I have been the head music news editor for over 15 years, many years prior to Eddie even having a comments section. Again, if you were a regular, you would have known that. Now to quote the great Zakk Wylde, “Toodles.”

      PS- I just noticed your IP address changed from your first comments to another one on your last posting..interesting. Maybe you are using a different device?

    9. My bad and apologies…I forgot to address you as the Queen. Sorry your Highness 😉

      PS – I miss Ronnie James Dio every single day. Nobody can disagree with that I hope!

    10. LOL, you are forgiven…

      Yes we all can agree, Dio, had one of the greatest voices in rock.

      If you are in the area, you should either bid for a spot on Eddie’s bowling team, or buy tickets, to the “Bowl For Ronnie” event, in California. I am sure you saw the headline, but if you did not, the story can be found here.

    11. I agree with Dana (AKA The Metal Goddess) (AKA her Royal Highness 😉 ) and The Real Paul Stanley 100%! And whatever the reason (or excuse) is for canceling Cooper’s show, Alice will find another platform to voice his opinion, after all, America IS all about “FREEDOM!!”

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised either, it’s a holier than tho attitude. I don’t like be part of a party. Even when I turned 18 in 82 I rather vote for someone who gonna have best interest for all. But now, if you’re a Democrat you’re a communist, if you’re a Republican you’re a fascist. Social media doesn’t help, however, everyone has a right to their opinion. Sorry, for the political rant.

    Well, gotta get back to the Aruba beach for my last day here.

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