Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley rejoined his former bandmates on Wednesday during this year’s Kiss Kruise to perform an acoustic set of KISS classics. Also appearing with them was former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, reports

KISS — Paul Stanley (vocals, guitar), Gene Simmons (bass, vocals), Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) — are playing multiple shows during the eighth installment of their seagoing extravaganza, which embarked yesterday from Miami and will visit Key West, Florida, and Nassau in the Bahamas before returning to port on November 5th.

Frehley, whose solo band is one of the artists performing on the cruise, took the stage during KISS’s acoustic show on Wednesday and played four songs with the current KISS lineup: 2000 Man, New York Groove, Nothing’ To Lose and Rock And Roll All Nite. Kulick, who is also one of the cruise’s scheduled performers, joined in on acoustic guitar. Watch fan filmed video below.

KISS recently announced North American Tour Dates for their End Of The Road tour. The band also performed one of their classic songs, Love Gun on the October 30th episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Ace Frehley’s latest solo album, Spaceman, on October 19th through Entertainment One (eOne).

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  1. Everyone has their “wish list” for the KISS final tour. As a long time fan, I would love if all living ex-members of the band could be involved, at least for the actual final show. I would also love for them to throw a few “deep cuts” into the setlist. My suggestions would be “Take Me”, “Got to Choose”, and “Love Her All I Can”. But pleasing everyone would be impossible! I’m just glad that Gene and Paul have recognized that it is time to finish it, and are going to try and go out with a bang. I, for one, will attend one of the shows, and say goodbye to the band that introduced me to Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal.

    1. Nothing wrong with a “wish list.” Unlike certain people around here who are making demands. BTW, I don’t have all day to list my credentials for a “wish list,” but I will say this, I’ve been a KISS fan since the beginning, 1974, and only disagreed with 1 band decision, only 1! I think that alone qualifies for a “wish list!”

  2. You’ve been a Kiss fan for over 40 years…you’ve listened to their records over and over again…and then you get the revelation that Hotter Than Hell is the best thing they ever did.

    1. Sorry, Shannon, I haven’t gotten that revelation yet! 😉 I love Hotter Than Hell, despite it’s muddy production, still one of my faves. But IMO, Destroyer is the best thing they ever did.

    2. I have a soft spot for Rock and Roll Over (makeup) and Revenge (non-makeup) but I agree Hotter than Hell has some amazing songs – love Strange Ways and Mainline.
      If only the original mix/production was crisper.

      Plus I am waiting for Gene to live out his…”I’m 93 your 16 line” from “Going Blind” 🙂

    3. Guys….I used to feel the same way about the production, and the overall accessibility of the subsequent records but right here Kiss had just come off their first tour so they’re a really cohesive unit; tighter, and having been on tour as openers they have that “we need to blow the headliner off the stage” mindset here, you can hear it…..Gene’s singing is just flat out mean here, this is before he started that cartoonish singing, which I like a lot…I just like this better…the music on here is also pretty off the wall…Hotter Than Hell is Kiss at their most hungry, most unified and most determined. Also, those guitar sounds they got on here might be the best Marshalls on a record…

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