AC/DC is launching the new video series, The Story Of Back In Black. Episode one of the series, which focuses on the song You Shook Me All Night Long, and can be viewed here.

The band recently launched a range of new merchandise to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Back In Black

The album was originally released, in the USA, on July 25th, 1980. It has reportedly sold 50 million copies worldwide (and still selling) and has gone reportedly 25 times platinum.

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  1. Greatest rock album ever! A total timeless classic! Never gets old, and it never will! Not 1 clunker or fill in on that album. Solid all the way through, from “Bells,” to “Pollution.”

  2. Agree on it’s greatness but I never, ever need to hear YSMANL again. It is my opinion that it isn’t a good song in the first place and it is also my opinion that it is the weakest track on the album. My opinion will also be that it is indeed a clunker.

    1. I agree that after 40 years and still in heavy rotation (there’s a reason for that) it might be a little overplayed, but YSMANL is definitely NOT a clunker! People don’t go crazy over clunkers, and the last time I seen AC/DC at MSG, EVERYBODY went crazy as soon as Angus hit that first sweet note! 🙂

  3. First time I heard Back in Black, I was like Wow!. So simple, but played with attitude and swagger beyond words. I wonder if while working on Back in Black, they had any idea of the Hugeness (a real word?) of the impact that record would have. Perhaps this series will shed some light on that. They could have stumbled with a new singer, but they hit it out of the park.

    1. Amazing what some power chords and a whole lot of swagger can do for a band, plus the songs were catchy as hell.

  4. Doug R. I fully admit to having an extreme minority opinion. All I can add is that I didnt care for the song the first (as well as the trillionth ) time I heard it. So in my case it’s not that I’ve heard it too much and now resent it but I just didn’t care for it at all. I am in the minority obviously.

    1. Myk, it’s cool! Like we always say – to each their own. Everybody has some songs that for whatever reason they really don’t care for, like I’m sure there’s a few that I don’t like that would make almost everybody else say, WHAT?? 😉

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