Greetings from Los Angeles. Had a great time here yesterday with Dean, Robert and Eric from Stone Temple Pilots hosting a Town Hall for SiriusXM on the 25th of Core. This will air 9/29 7P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume, and repeat several times after. That’s the same day the special edition of the debut comes out as well. Lot of fun hanging with the guys (Robert and Dean are Jersey guys, so there’s a bond haha). Look forward to what’s next for STP TBA soon..

New podcast up now with Alice Cooper. Free www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

All new FM/syndicated show debuts tonight 11P ET Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. On all affiliates over the weekend as usual and streaming free.

My exclusive interview with Triumph replays this Monday on Volume 106 for Trunk Nation 2-4P & 9-11P ET. I’ll be making my way back from Dallas seeing my GIANTS! Back live on radio Tuesday 2P ET in Volume with Scorpions in studio! Have a good weekend. And don’t forget Shrinedom in VT is 9/16, see you there.

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  • Frank T on

    I saw King’s X tonight at the Al Rosa Villa in Columbus, OH. Still blows my mind that Dime took his last breath on that stage. On the way there,my wife and I had her phone playing Pandora on random. When we turned onto Sinclair road from Morse road I shit you not This Love by Pantera came on. That was weird. Anyways King’s X was amazing. I think it was my 5th time seeing them, the last was at the Al Rosa Villa not long after Dime was murdered. It still blows my mind how this band never made it “big.” They don’t sound like anyone else and their musicianship blows most of the newer bands away. Hard to.believe Dug is 67. SIXTY SEVEN!! He looks.so young and sounds as good as ever. Definitely one of the best frontmen ive seen. Totally amazing.how Jerry Gaskill just dominates the drums especially after having a heart attack. And Ty was on fire tonight as always. One.of.the best guitarists of all time. These guys are so tight. “We were born to be loved” is a great example. So glad they came back to Columbus finally! I’m hoping for a new album soon.

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