I am extremely excited to announce that I will be a daily host on a brand new SiriusXM channel called Volume (channel 106) that was announced today! My show “Trunk Nation” will air Monday-Friday LIVE from 2-4PM ET, with replays later in the day (times TBA). As many of you know I have been doing a rock talk and music show on SiriusXM for years now on channel 39 on Monday’s from 6-10PM ET. That show will also continue on Monday’s but at a slightly revised time to be announced. Trunk Nation on Volume will be all talk and interview and calls, and also cover a wider range of rock. I also look forward to making it a platform for you guys, the voice of the fans, much like my current Monday show is. So expect plenty of calls around the interviews as well! I’d like to thank Roger Coletti for his belief in me and having me a part of this exciting new channel. As you guys also know I travel often and am attached to events all over the US. One of the really cool things about this show is it will travel with me. So expect to hear me doing it from all different places and with all different people no doubt! Volume launches 10/17 on channel 106 on Sirius and XM radios. I am so thrilled to now have a daily outlet for artists and fans to talk rock and interact live! I look forward to making Trunk Nation the place for all the news, releases, tours and interviews in the world of rock daily! Thank you to my existing base of fans that listen to me each and every Monday on SiriusXM. I appreciate everyone’s support! Can’t wait to start this new and exciting chapter in my broadcast world!

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