Had the chance to see Metallica last night in a small private show in NYC at Webster Hall (formerly The Ritz back in the old days). I saw so many great shows at this venue over the decades including GnR in the legendary MTV ’87 show. Always great memories and it hasn’t changed at all expect for the addition of a killer new PA. Metallica took the stage at 8:30 or so and opened with Breadfan for the invited guests and fan club winners. The band sounded amazing and were in a great mood as they continue to celebrate the coming release of their long awaited new album. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see this band in a place this size. I also saw them at The Apollo a couple years ago and that was incredible, but this was even more intimate. The set also included Holier Than Thou, Battery, Harvester of Sorrow, Orion (in memory of Cliff and a late set addition), One, Whiskey In The Jar, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and set closer Seek & Destroy. They also did both of the new tracks currently released. Needless to say the crowd was bonkers! Very cool and special to have been there and I appreciate the band inviting me. As I said before, Metallica always does stuff first class and never forgot where they came from and the people who supported them early on. It so cool to see that and even cooler to see a band 30 plus years on still this great. Very inspiring as a music/metal fan! By the way, speaking of the Guns show I saw there in ’87, I couldn’t help myself and texted Slash during the show. Telling him how cool it would be if GnR did a show there next year 30 years after that legendary concert! You can always dream right..haha, i think it would be killer!

After the show the band had a private rooftop party in NYC I was lucky enough to attend. The only member of the band I didn’t see hanging out was James, but Lars, Rob and Kirk were all there and it was good catching up with all of them. Great food and drink as well. I left at 2A and it was still going strong! Lars said on stage to expect Metallica to be playing “across the river outdoors next year”, which would likely mean a Metlife Stadium show. I’d say it’s likely you’ll see a full Metallica run of dates on and off most of the next couple years.

By the way to all the Tool fans out there Danny Carey was at the party and show and I spent some time speaking with him. I offered from him to come on my shows anytime..

Big radio announcement tomorrow!

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  1. Beyond awesome, Eddie! A little jealous but happy for you, you’ve earned it. Obviously Metallica take care of their own and you’ve been supporting that band since your record store days. Keep rockin’!

  2. That’s awesome Eddie! You sure picked the best career to have. It’s grear for us fans to have a guy like you on the inside for all of us, you always have killer stories to tell.
    I’m sorry I missed you at the Fort Worth TX Faster Pussycat show in the dive bar known as the Rail Club. My wife and I refuse to go to that venue after she became gravely ill following a Brett Michaels show there a few years ago. They have kinda cleaned it up a little since then, but it’s still a disgusting venue. Too bad they didn’t play at Trees in Dallas. Looking forward to the day we meet again. Be safe and congrats on the announcement of your new radio show. You deserve it.

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