Hope everyone had a great weekend. Live tonight 6-10P ET on  SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation with music and talk that rocks. Snake Sabo from Skid Row sits in and Brian from Helix calls in.

I am aware that Paul Stanley’s official Twitter tweeted @thatmetalshow last night. My phone blew up about it. I have no idea why he did that. Maybe he meant to tweet “Wayne’s World” and made a mistake? Haha! He then said he put his phone down at a party and somebody did it? However it happened nice to know that he or whoever he was with had us on their mind. Our door as always remains open should he ever want to do TMS.

Speaking of TMS just hung up with VH1 and looks like we will be shooting once again weekly in NYC with shows premiering mid Feb 2015. No more info and nothing booked yet but that’s the plan. Thanks all for your patience and support, new shows coming I assure you, just a bit more of a wait.

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  • Jae Beaman on

    In my opinion Gene and Paul make good arguments for why Ace and Peter aren’t in the band anymore. Truth is I like all 4 of them but I have resigned myself to being happy with the endless hours of footage I have…
    Kiss at it’s best has been over since Revenge.. The reunion tour in 96 was great….Just to see it. But that was really the cap for me…Nothing since has grabbed me the way Revenge, or Rock and Roll over, or Creatures of the Night did..

    You know Eddie.. I was thinking.. You should take 12 of your favorite Kiss songs, Grab a band and do them Spoken Word, form them into a concept album and call it Music from the Edler…?? (Ok Now I’m just bustin chops…But that’s funny right there…Edler?? )

  • kelly newsom on

    hi eddie,i am a fan of tms when i had vh1 classic now i dont but i still keep tabs on the show via web site.i got podcastone on my phone awsome show i listened to the show with ace frehley that was cool i am a big kiss fan myself.i agree about the original members being the platform of kiss ace,peter,i also play drums i play gretsch drums love music classic rock in general.anyway keep up the great shows love hearing it from the best you rock eddie!!!!

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