Back from a great weekend in S Florida at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood which is quickly becoming my home away from home. Thanks to everyone who came to my post show meet and greets as well and picked up a book or a shirt. Met so many great rock fans and it was a blast! I hosted two shows over the weekend. Friday was a headline set from Slash and his killer band The Conspirators. As you know he is opening for Aerosmith (catching them in NJ tomorrow) but is doing headline sets on nights off. This was a killer 2 hour show loaded with GnR, recent solo tracks, 3 new songs from the upcoming new album, and a VR tunes as well (sadly no Snakepit this time). It was so great to just watch a killer band come out and do two straight hours of kick ass hard rock with amazing vocals (all real!) and playing. No frills, just a wall of amps and great hard rock! I really love the music from Slash’s last few albums and to me hearing Halo, Starlight, You’re A Lie, World On Fire, Ghost, By The Sword, etc are the real highlights. It’s rare an artists new music is so strong I feel that way but that’s the case with the quality of new music on display with this band. The new album is out in 2 weeks.

Sunday night was Deep Purple. I hadn’t seen Purple live since 2008 so wasn’t sure how well they are holding up. Didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away! They were always world class players and this lineup is no exception. At this stage of the game Ian Gillan isn’t going to get every note and scream, but he was a hell of a lot better than I thought he would be. After 18 years Steve Morse has really made his mark on the band and is a huge part of the show and out front with his brilliant playing. Ian Paice remains one of rocks all time greats, locked in with the legendary Roger Glover. And Don Airey does a great job for the late Jon Lord. His solo even had a touch of Mr Crowley! The set was nearly two hours. A couple new tunes (killer riff in Vincent Price) and tons of classics including Lazy, Highway Star, Space Truckin, Hush, and of course Smoke On The Water. Prior to the show I did an hour long podcast with Morse. I’ll let you know when that posts in a few weeks. Hung with all the guys after the show except Gillan who split early. Roger even wanted to Stump The Trunk, too funny! OF COURSE I want to get them on TMS, but Purple tours all over the world and is not based in the US, so we will see what we can do. Total legends and great guys as well. Nicko McBrain was at both shows and I surprised the crowd by bringing him on stage with me to intro Purple. Nicko told the crowd the Maiden mascot was named after me. He is a trip! Such a fun weekend and thanks to all! Many photos on my Twitter and FB pages from both events. Two great bands playing at the top of their game for sure! I’ll be back at the Seminole HR 9/19 to host Experience Hendrix with Zakk Wylde and more! Hope to see you then.

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  • Trapper Crane on

    I saw Deep Purple in Orlando the night before you saw them, Eddie. Amazing show! Can’t wait to hear the podcast with Steve. I am glad you interviewed him. It’s about time he got more spotlight. I love Blackmore as much as anyone else, but he quit the band and it’s been Steve doing a awesome job ever since. Going on 20 years he’s been in the band. And I love his stuff in Purple.

    BTW, Did Rog “Stump the Trunk”? LOL

  • Trapper Crane on

    PS Nicko should do a TMS taping as well. Hope you can squeeze in DP for a TMS taping. Maybe, just maybe since you know ahead of time when the next time you are taping, DP might be able to squeeze in a visit.

    I still have a recording of you interviewing Ian Gillan circa 2006 for his Gillan’s Inn cd. That was a great interview, Ed.

  • Lou on

    Saw DP in 1996 at the Beacon Theatre in NYC on the “perpendicular” tour . They literally blew the roof
    off ! The new album is amazing from beginning to end . These guys are like a fine wine . They get better with age .

  • Tommy (from Vegas) Fiore on

    Deep Purple are in the mid to late 60’s and still rocking hard in 2014. Roger Glover is one of the nicest people I have meet in this industry. Great players. Great music and great people. Ent to see them last month in Costa Mesa, CA. I was very happy I made the trip to see this iconic band for something like the 19th time.

  • Dave on

    How was the attendance for Slash? Also, have you heard anything deeper on the Joe Lynn Turner implied possible Rainbow reunion? For fun, who would be in the band and what size venues would they play in the US? I’m gonna propose Blackmore, Turner, Glover, Airey, Rondinelli, and summer sheds with two other bands, like the good old days!

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