New interview I did with radio trade paper All Access about my FM radio show and radio in general:



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  1. Hooray for Japan! I saw that story too Eddie, I wish America still loved CD’s as much as Japan. IMO, online music sucks! That’s what has hurt the music business as much as, if not more than anything. Free samples are one thing, but when bands like U2 start giving their music away for free online, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and others, they are going to be the ones who pay for it, and are going to suffer for it. I agree Eddie, CD’s rule, just like old school! 😉

  2. I just saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers last nite in Allentown,and everyone who bought a ticket got a copy of his new album “Hypnotic Eye”for free,download etc…..I feel bad for bands up and coming trying to get a foot hold in the biz nowadays…These established acts already have a vast catalog of music and can focus on ticket sales,with their loyal fan base..Seems to be touring and merch the only wasy to make a profit…I,much like Ed and others, still enjoy the package,artwork ,credits etc..Can’t beat that old school feel!! Miss the old days Top to Bottom,Kickin and Killer Records 1st song to last,just like a work of art..

  3. CD’s still rule for me, I just bought a whole bunch of them to support new artists (of course the music has to be killer) and because it is still the most enjoyable format for me. I tried Spotify for two months and though it was interesting it wasn’t the same. The value is diminished and cold when it’s just streaming, the sound quality varied and it is straight up stealing. It does not matter that people now think music is free, this is what is hurting everybody. It really is very sad that this is what it has come to. I love that Japan still goes for CD’s.

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