Back from a long weekend in Tulsa and Dallas. The Tulsa end of the trip was expected, and I hosted an event downtown called Streets Gone Wild that was lots of fun. The fans of OK have been so cool to me for so long and this weekend was no exception. Thanks to all the fans and bands I met and hung with. FYI the Chicago Farm Rock show is being moved to December, info soon.

I unexpectedly went to the Giants Cowboys game on Sunday. Thanks to Doug Burgess for the hook up and amazing seats. My first time at Jerry World. As much as I tolerate Dallas fans in my stadium it was fun to return the favor, and most importantly fly home with a WIN! Had a blast and it was worth all the last minute rerouting, because the Giants won! If they lost I would have been miserable! After the Giants win I celebrated at The Rail Club in Ft Worth by going to see my buds Don Jamieson and Faster Pussycat. Fun time in Dallas!

Last night I had all 4 members of Alter Bridge on my radio show. Great to see the guys. Their great new album The Last Hero is out 10/7. Audio coming soon to my podcast. Myles did confirm that around 8 songs were in the works for a new Slash album before the GnR relaunch and he does feel there is still a future for that band in a year or so.

Sad news on the passing of Y&T drummer Leonard Haze at just 61 on Monday. I played a set of Y&T last night and had Dave Meniketti on from Germany to discuss. Leonard was battling some health ailments but played right up to his last days. Although not a marquee name, Haze was a huge influence on many and known for his massive kick drum prowess. He played on all the classic Y&T stuff and will be missed. RIP Leonard.

Podcast this Thursday is with Dio hologram creator Jeff Pezzuti and Wendy Dio. It’s a fascinating talk about the future of deceased rock stars touring as holograms. Posts this Thursday free as always.

I head to LA on Thursday. I’ll be hosting the first ever Hair Nation Fest this Saturday at Irvine Meadows. This should be a blast and $5 GA tickets were just made available. Hope you can come join us!

Big news coming soon on the radio front…..


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  • Coredrum on

    I know this isn’t anything Eddie spoke about on this Trunk Report, but I just have to post how un-freaking believable ACDC was with Axl…I mean holy crap did he nail it, and it was not even close to a copycat of Scott or Johnson…The thing I was most impressed with was the way Axl owned the stage and stalked it all night, but didn’t make it about him…he clearly gave the spotlight to Angus and was having fun with Stevie all night…i had amazing seats so I could really see the look on his face and all I can say is that it has been a very long time since I saw a band have so much fun at this stage of their career…this was not a money grab at all. One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen and I average 15-20 a year for th last 30 years. And played for 2 1/2 hours. I was very critical of them replacing Brian Johnson, but this absolutely worked and I was lucky enough to see one of only a handful of shows that would be performed with Axl…And, I’m happy to hear that the Slash/Myles Kennedy might still make some music after the GNR tour…just thought I’d throw this out in case anyone else has seen the ACDC show…I know Eddie saw it…

    • Kevin G on

      Even though I saw them with Brian at Gillette Stadium, I wasn’t close enough to see any of the shows with Axl. AC/DC being my all time favorite, I too had a hard time accepting Axl fronting the band. But all the footage I saw on you tube and reviews I’ve read have changed my mind. I was totally wrong. Axl absolutely nailed it and breathed new life into a legendary band. It was amazing to hear the band perform some deeper tracks from their catalog like If You Want Blood and Live Wire. Would’ve loved to hear him sing Ride On as a tribute to Bon and Brian. It’s along way to the top would kick ass also. Axl had total respect for the band and its dedicated fans. I think they should record one more kick ass rock and roll record and tour. Imagine Axl and Angus writing music together? They could create one of the greatest rock records of all time. Hell Angus, there’s an opening on bass. Bring Duff in. Although Chris Slade is a monster drummer, Phil Rudd has paid his debt. If he has it together I don’t think anyone can argue the groove he lays down is the definitive AC/DC sound. Come on guys keep this legendary band alive for just a little longer and don’t make us wait 8 years. None of us are getting any younger!

  • Doug on

    I feel the same way about Axl, he has definitely stepped it up in 2015 and into 2016, almost singlehandedly driving hard rock back into the forefront (where it needs to be!).

  • James K. on

    Mr Trunk: I am a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, was raised that way. I listened to your latest podcast and I unfortunately have to agree with your analysis of some Dallas Cowboys fans, and I use the term “fans” loosely, and that stadium. That stadium is huge and it’s beautiful and I couldn’t care less about it. First off, I can’t stand Jerry Jones, absolutely despise him. My dad went to his grave hating Jerry’s guts. I’ve been in that stadium many times since it opened and I am there to watch a football game, not watch a ridiculous giant tv, hear terrible music blasted constantly or have to put up with people there that are not really caring much about what’s going on down on the field and treating the experience as a big party. That tv is too distracting and I hate it!. And you mentioned how you witnessed how some people act after a loss, all up and happy. I hate those people. I’ve seen drunken idiots after a game whooping and hollering like we won. Meanwhile, I’m pissed about the game, recapping mistakes that were made, dealing with what happened and I don’t want to hear people acting like it was the greatest day ever. I want to yell “Hey! Dips**t! We just lost! Why are you so happy!” There’s people there to party and it’s annoying to real football fans. I’d rather just stay home and watch the game on tv.

    • Jon Hammond on

      I agree with James K., Jerry Jones is a pompous ass and his “stay-jum” (what he calls it) is just a testament to his ego. It is not a good place to watch a game and not very good for concerts either. So many Cowboys fans are just there “to see and be seen” and have no problem dropping $200 to do it. I avoid going there because I don’t want to patronize him. The food and drink vendors come by every 30 seconds and if you have a aisle seat they seem to enjoy standing in front of you and blocking your view while mindless idiots gladly shell out $5.00 for a bottled water. Now one of the local school districts (where my kid is a student) is in bed with Jones to have their games in the new practice facility (a $30 million deal paid by Frisco taxpayers) and he has transformed high school football into the same experience. Everything has corporate sponsorship and Jones works his deals so any vendor makes no margin but gets promoted as “The Official “X” of the Dallas Cowboys”. Jones has taken pro football out of the hands of the fans and has turned it into his own personal wanker-fest. He is doing the same with music and now high school football. It makes me want to freakin’ vomit.

  • Jeffrey Winslow on

    Only came across this post today. Couldn’t help but feel renewed sadness for my friend and bandmate, Leonard Haze, as I read this. Leonard was a great musician and songwriter, and an even better person. He was a much bigger influence on drummers and the rock music scene than most fans know. Missing him today. Here’s footage of our last performance with Leonard, August 20, 2016: http://bit.ly/hxdirty … And here are two videos of the band opening for Y&T November 18 & 19 as a tribute to Leonard: http://bit.ly/hazexmt1 and http://bit.ly/hazexmt2 … RIP Leonard Haze

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