Wrapping up a couple weeks on the road tomorrow shooting a new episode of TRUNKFEST for season 2 on AXS TV (coming next year) at Bourbon & Beyond in Louisville. Rough day trying to shoot today since the weather was awful. Hoping better tomorrow. Doing a festival show outdoors it can be a challenge with the elements, but it’s always an adventure. By the way AXS will start re airing all of season 1 of TRUNKFEST next week. Please check your grids and DVR if you missed them. Hearing from many just discovering the show.

Had a blast on the Hair Nation tour. I will only be hosting one more date on the tour in Nov in Houston, but catch the show if coming your way. Also thanks to Justin Ellerton for having me host Vince Neil in Houston last night. Great crowd and it was good catching up with Vince, Dana, Jeff and Zoltan. Vince said the new Motley tunes are coming along.

Tons of stuff coming up, please see the home page for appearances. Up next Tulsa at IDL for Tom Keifer and Sebastian Bach, Sammy Hagar’s High Tide party (I’ll be shooting TRUNKFEST and also hosting the official VIP after party), Aftershock in Sacramento (again for AXS and TRUNKFEST) El Dorado Arkansas, and tons more. Check the home page.

Back live on radio Monday 2-4P ET live on SiriusXM 106 Volume and 5-8P ET on 39 Hair Nation. Live all week on Volume with replays daily 9-11P ET. Guests include Alex Skolnick and KK Downing this coming week.

New podcast up now with Lzzy Hale. Free iTunes and www.PodcastOne.com

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  1. I wish Vince would perform some of his solo material, the Crue songs are great, but I would love to hear something, anything from EXPOSED! Such a great album, oh well, I guess you “Can’t Have Your Cake” and eat it too! 😉

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