Had a great radio show last night on SiriusXM with Jason Newsted, Mike Mushock, Jeff Pilson, Billy Sheehan, Richie Kotzen & Mike Portnoy all in studio! What a blast that was. Thanks to all for a jam packed TRUNKnation! After the show I went up with the Dogs to my bud Artie Lange’s show and went on the air for a bit. Artie has an awesome set up TV/radio show. He seems to be doing well which was great to see and Winery Dogs killed it playing live on there. Had fun hosting their first US show in NYC this past Saturday and look forward to seeing them again in NJ tonight. Amazing players, band and songs that is doing really well.


I am excited to announce I will be visiting Sao Paulo Brazil for the first time in October! Ever since TMS has been on I have had TONS of requests from S America to visit. All it takes is a promoter to make it happen and thanks to the folks putting on the Monsters Of Rock Festival in October in Brazil I will be there as a special guest host! MANY more details on my visit to come. I still don’t even have a schedule or flights booked. Will share much more as news comes in. Already hearing from many about wanting to meet me and I will do my best to schedule some things. But I am coming to be a part of the festival and have to see what the promoter lines up first. Some great bands, many who are friends like Aerosmith & Slipknot are playing. It should be a blast! SO happy I can finally come and hang with all the fans there who I have heard from and who have been so supportive over the years. Much more to come, keep an eye here for when I can share.


Don’t forget to join me in Wauconda IL for Rockin The Farm 8/17 and the pre show party with LA Guns 8/16. Then I’m in Kalamazoo 8/18 at Wings Stadium. Both shows feature Ratt as headliner. I have a TON of travel coming so keep a close eye here and on Twitter @EddieTrunk


Book tour also coming (dates in this reports archives) as well as dates with Motley Crue in OK in September. Also just confirmed I’ll be in Vegas Labor Day weekend to host a free reunion show with Winger that Saturday and a Black Sabbath post show at Vamp’d Sunday. More info to come on all of this soon.

I’m 49 tomorrow, where the hell did the time go? Thanks to all for the birthday wishes coming in already. You guys rule!

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  • T on

    I think Sharon is intimidated by Eddie’s growing credibility in the metal community, and that he’s gone from a small half hour TV show, to an internationally recognized figure in the metal community. In other words, she can’t just dismiss anything he says about Ozzy, that’s not 100% positive” .
    Tell it like it is, that’s why we watch/listen.

  • Dave Sams on

    Happy Birthday Eddie! Thank you for keeping rock & roll alive and well in America!

    • Eddie on

      Thanks but one more day. Don’t push it at my age, haha

    • Dave Sams on

      I’m 44 so I’m not that far behind you! Say hello to Don and Jim for me. All the best to you and yours!

  • Scott on

    I think its a hoot that Sharon has long promoted Ozzie’s Prince of Darkness image when in actually I think she is the anti-christ.

    Eddie rocks!!!!!!

    • Rich Cudd on

      So true!

  • Christopher Scott on

    So I’m sitting at my desk here at work listening to Blue Murder and I remembered “Oh yeah! I’ve gotta wish Eddie a Happy Birthday!” Hope your birthday rocks brother! Damn proud of you and everything you bring to the metal community. I wish you continued success and many more birthdays that ROCK! Cheers!

  • Ted on

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all you do! Go have a cold one, and put it on Don’s tab!

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