Greetings from S Florida. Had a great live show here this past Friday with Don & Jim at Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale. The venue was a real cool spot and packed with TMS fans! Was also very cool to have special guests Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden and former Overkill guitarist Bobby Gustafson in the house! Both old friends and we appreciate them both coming down and jamming with the band Made Of Metal who played some great covers. I even talked Nicko into playing the drum open to “Where Eagles Dare” for me! Nicko is excited about the new Maiden album and is going to do a listening party for it at his restaurant here in FL the day before release. I didn’t get to hear any of it yet but hope to soon. Really was one of our best live shows and thanks to all who came out and Culture Room for having us. Photos on my Twitter and Instagram pages.

Hanging here in S FL for a few extra days so tonight’s SiriusXM show is pre recorded. I am hosting Whitesnake this Wednesday at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. This show is near sold out so get tickets now if you want to go. Winners from this site on ET’s box office will be notified very soon. If you are attending you can meet me after the show in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in the casino. Books and merch for sale as well. I’ll be doing the same thing for Alice In Chains here 8/11. Hope to see you if in S FL.

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  • T on

    I know he’s more than capable, but let us know how Joel fits in with the Snakes.

    • Mark B on

      Not to pre-empt the “official review”… just saw Whitesnake in New Haven, and Mr. Hoekstra fit like a glove… Reb seemed to have an issue with his guitar and Joel was right there to help out while he got it sorted, great work from all, band seemed to be gelled really well. Also, Joel does seem to be the happiest guitarist I’ve ever watched… always smiling… infectious. PS Mr. Coverdale was in great form too – great show!

    • Doug on

      And another pre-emptive strike, saw them in CO in late June. The current Snake lineup is really strong. Beach and Aldridge especially stood out for me. Aldridge is in his 60’s and the dude plays better than any 20 year old out there!

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Next time you talk to Nuno, tell him he tore it up last night with the Panther!

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Saw Whitesnake in June at Summerfest in Milwaukee…great show! Only problem was that it was 55 degrees out and it definitely hurt David’s voice that night.

  • James K. on

    It’s great that Bobby Gustafson was playing.

  • T on

    Will anyone ever write Whitesnake songs like Sykes and Coverdale once did? Sykes may have been an overpaid pain the ass (according to Coverdale) , but his songwriting and playing was worth it.
    Dana, you agree?

    • Dana on

      Of course I agree with you T, you knew just who to ask. πŸ™‚

      The truth of the matter is, while I admit to being highly partial to John, at least the rose colored glasses I see him through, are well deserved. Although, Whitesnake has had some good material post Sykes, it cannot compare, in my opinion, to any of the songs that he helped to co-write.

      Better yet, the first Blue Murder album was the BEST Whitesnake record never to be recorded by the band. I think that material is far superior to the ’87 Whitesnake record. John seemed to really grow as a songwriter and singer. Who even knew that he has that voice? While I know many people think Jelly Roll is overplayed, I still think, to this day, that is one of the catchiest guitar hooks, ever. Whenever I hear it, I cannot stop myself from tapping along.

      D πŸ™‚

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