Had a great couple of SiriusXM Town Halls with Alice Cooper and today with Deep Purple. If you missed them hear them on the SiriusXM app. Final live show on Volume tomorrow before taking a long weekend for labor day. After tomorrow (Wednesday w/guest Eric Carmen), TrunkNation is in Best Of mode until 9/5. Headed to Vegas!

New podcast Thursday is with Jerry Cantrell and Sully Erna.

FM radio show this weekend is the double play Labor Day special. 2 in a row from all your favorites. Debuts 11P ET Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston.

Truly insane the news I inadvertently made by talking about Rush RUMORS last week on my remote from Houston. Unfortunately much of the context I said it in was totally misquoted by some and became a story I never said. “Fake News” in rock news? You bet, it is rampant. But glad to know people are listening, and to those that cover and quote what I do accurately (many did), thanks. I in now was said a “Lee/Lifeson” band was a real done deal thing. And apologies to any drama I may have caused to my friends in Rush and their camp. Was NOT the intent or context..

Cool to see Brian Johnson belting out AC/DC tunes with Muse. You think that sends a not so subtle message he can still do it?

Have a great holiday weekend, more soon.

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  1. Well, if a “Lee/Lifeson” project ever developed, I think Portnoy would be the obvious choice as drummer. And, if it did develop, I hope the music was something a little different than Rush, not just an extension of Rush under a different brand name.

    1. Just what I was thinking, Rattlehead! Portnoy would be the only possible choice for project like this! It would be hard for Geddy and Alex to come up with something different from RUSH that people would accept, I think. Personally, I would love to hear some of the older, classic RUSH tunes with Portnoy on drums! Both Geddy and Alex have said that they still want to perform, so why not? I don’t think Neil would object, as Portnoy has said that Neil is one of his idols and would no doubt play the RUSH tunes with great reverence to Neil’s original interpretation. If Neil’s health is the reason he has retired from performing (as reported), and their is definitely an audience that still wants to see Geddy and Alex perform, why not continue performing with a new drummer that idolizes Neil and can play the songs? I have to believe Portnoy would be THRILLED to play with Geddy and Alex! Just a thought!

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