Really thrilled to announce a FREE listener party for the 30th anniversary of my FM radio show. Hard to believe this show started 30 years ago. As a kid just out of high school it was my love of this music that had me seeking ways to get it on the radio and share it with others. Over the 30 years in the business those ways have included writing, TV, record company A&R, artist management, record store, and of course radio among other stuff. To still be standing here, doing it every week, have the audience I have, and be adding new affiliates is a huge thrill after 30 years. Pretty much everything I have done over 30 years comes from my FM radio show. It was the first thing to establish me in the business and is regarded as one of the first ever radio shows to focus entirely on hard rock and metal. Many of the things I have done in my career and continue to do (record label, TMS) can be traced back to this radio show in some way. I still love doing it live most weeks from my flagship station Q104.3 in NYC every Friday 11P-2A ET. This is the same show that has now grown to over 30 affiliate stations and counting. I am truly grateful to all who have supported it and the various projects that have sprung off of it. And now with streaming many hear it every week even if a local station doesn’t air it in their market. Making it in radio with a show like this (or any show) for 30 years is a milestone and a testament to all of us and our love for this music. If you recall 5 years ago I celebrated the 25th anniversary of the show with a free private performance by Judas Priest. My 30th will once again be celebrated at The Hard Rock in Times Sq and will feature a band very personal to me; The Winery Dogs. When trying to find a band that was available to do this event I wanted to find something I had a true connection to and loved, and would also be a hell of a house band for the many surprise jams we hope to make happen. Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan & Mike Portnoy fit the bill perfectly!

The Winery Dogs just complete the first leg of a tour entirely sold out and had a top 30 album. I am a huge fan and friend of all three members and had a role in their birth. So it is only fitting these guys rock the house that night with a set of tunes from their amazing debut, and some covers for fun. Mike Portnoy is also going to take the reigns to reach out to many of the great musicians who we both know well and play a second set of surpirse TBA jams during that night making this a truly unique and special one of a kind show! The event is 100% FREE and a small way of saying thanks for all the support, but you MUST have a ticket to enter. The only way in is to win tickets through this site (hit the banner to enter) or through my radio show over the air Friday nights on Q104.3 NYC. Tickets are not for sale at all! Much more to announce as we get closer. Hope you can make it and can’t wait to celebrate with you all! And to my many friends in bands over the years be sure to get in touch with me or Portnoy to schedule some cool jams!

HUGE thanks as always to John Pasquale and all at The Hard Rock NYC for making this happen! Also to Richie, Billy & Mike for donating their services to allow this to be a free event, and to Tim Heyne for his support. Been overdue for a free listener event and you never know what’s going to happen at this one…let’s have a blast! Hope to see you 10/23 at The Hard Rock 8PM!

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    Where is the goddam banner to click on for The Winery Dogs show.?

  • David Amaya on

    Congrats Eddie.. Greetings from Bogota Colombia.. I’m a loyal fan of your show and i hear it from here every week even going on a bus in Colombian streets haha, i realy hope to win the tickets so i will have a good excuse to go there to NYC to have a great night with you and the dogs!!!

    Hope to catch you live someday somewhere in the planet to get a picture!!! haha

  • T on

    On the banner picture for the contest, it looks like Eddie is the lead singer for the Winery Dogs.

  • Scott on

    And, maybe in 30 years you will be “on demand?” Just busting your balls. Though, at this rate….I think the janitor at XM-Sirius will have his own show on demand. Eddie, your show is the one show that I hate to miss. This sounds cheesy, but you really are the Johhny Carson of radio. You are a throw back to a time when people spoke to each other and engaged in meaningful conversations. Most interviewers today only have a superficial interest in their guests and don’t know anything about them. You (like so many of us fans) know a great deal about them and more than once you ask a question and I say “Man!! I always wanted to know that. Thank you.” You are such a pleasure to listen to and I wish you another 30 years of success.

  • Frank on

    Eddie, stop trying to rewrite history. Nobody regards your radio show as one of the first of it’s kind for metal. Fingers on Long Island was doing before you.

    • Eddie on

      Perhaps you didn’t see the part that says ONE OF the first??? And instead of trying to stir a shit pot you should know I have ultimate respect for Fingers and he is a friend. He and I, and some others on the W coast, were among the first to do a metal show. Like I said ONE OF in my post! Amazing…

    • Frank on

      Eddie, according to your bio on this site, when you started at DHA you said nobody was doing this type of speciality show back then. One more thing, next month you are having a 30 anniversary party? You are 1 year early for that because according to your official bio on this site you started on air in 1984.

    • Jace Nuzback on

      Eddie has done great things for the hard rock and metal community over the years and he continues to do so. Why not just say “thank you” rather than whining about the details? You certainly don’t have to agree with his opinions, but you’d be an idiot not to admit that the hard rock and metal community benefits from his endeavors.

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