Back from a few days in Los Angeles where I kicked off the month leading up to the Hair Nation event with a couple of events and also saw Guns N Roses at Dodger Stadium. Wednesday I hosted and did press for the event with some of the artists performing. Some of the musicians that made it out included members of Bulletboys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Odin, Lita Ford, Tracii Guns, Gabie Rae and many more. This took place at The Rainbow and was a good time for sure. Then later in i judged and hosted a Battle Of The Bands to play the event at The Whiskey. I recruited Tracii, Lita, Brent Woods and producer Jay Ruston to judge. My thanks to all for donating their time. And congrats to Electric Hounds (runners up) and The Aviators (winner). Both will open stages next month at the festival. Looking forward to it 9/17 at Irvine Meadows. Thanks to all the bands, press and Live Nation LA for taking great care of me.

Hit GnR on Thursday at Dodger Stadium. First time I saw them since the very first show in Vegas. I have had nothing but positive reviews from fans who have seen the stadium dates, and you can add me to the group. It was stunning how great GnR sounded. For all the differing opinions on who is and who isn’t in the band, if Axl could deliver, if they could coexist, this reunion is a smash slam dunk in all ways. Axl is singing unbelievably well for almost 3 hours every night. And now that his leg is better moving as he always did. The band is in top form. I mean everyone is just at the top of their game. Of course the focus is Axl, Slash and Duff. All look and are playing phenomenally well. But let’s not look past Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer, Dizzy Read and Melissa Reece. Super important to this band and how great they sound and they are all killing it as well. This reunion is working, is selling well (rock in stadiums always good for rock) and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. In addition to shows around the world I would fully expect another US run likely in arenas.

I spoke with Duff (thanks for the hookup!) and Slash but didn’t see anyone else in the band. It was LA and quite a scene and I got out ahead of the massive traffic in and out. I also did see The Cult who also sounded great and really are a good fit as an opener for GnR. Good catching up a bit with old friend John Tempesta a bit. If you are lucky enough to be a guest backstage at a GnR kick they have one of the biggest hospitality tent I’ve ever seen with an open bar. So that was a fun hang as well. I’ll discuss more on my radio show tomorrow. Still not sure when the GnR interview will happen, and no idea if they will do new music, but right now they really are killing it on these shows. And the fan base is diverese; metal, rock, old, young, male, female. Everyone coming out to see this band either again, or for the first time. Pretty damn cool and again, great for rock to be on this massive of a stage!

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  • dcinsc7 on

    My wife and I saw GnR in Atlanta, GA. The Cult were good but would’ve loved to see The Struts open. GnR sounded so good; the sound was just awesome. I will go on record now and say that Slash made a case that evening to be the greatest guitarist ever. He was flawless, emotive, melodic, and flashy. His playing was captivating. It was as if there were two shows going on: a GnR show and a Slash show. If anyone has a chance to see them play, you have to find a way to go.

  • David C on

    Axl’s time with AC/DC finally showed him what a work ethic is. No band works harder than AC/DC, so I’m glad Axl is having a chance to see what that means. Maybe his talent won’t be wasted.

  • jeffrey heffernan on

    i saw the show in jersey at met life stadium,it was way better than i had expected,i have seen both slash and axl a few times before alone,but they kicked serious ass this time around ,just the whole show was really well put together.i did miss steven though,and i hope if they do come around again next year,steven is behind the kit…….and yes i have too many vip experiences ,and i have been back stage at many shows as well,and bar none guns had to have the best all around hospitality tent i have ever been too,very high end….

  • Bryan Russell on

    I saw Guns on August 3rd in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. I was very impressed with Slash! That man proved that three guitar players total in a band is needed if you are playing Slashes lead guitar parts. No wonder they needed DJ and Bumblefoot, Slash is simply AMAZING!! They guy never missed a note.
    This was my first time ever seeing Axl, Duff and Slash on stage together. I missed them in 92 at Texas Stadium as I had just moved here from Alaska and had no money to even buy a ticket. Was a poor 21 year old, lol. Now I’m just a poor 45 year old. Lol
    My only complaint about the show was that it was on a Wednesday and I had to be up for work 5 hours after the show ended. So needless to say I had to leave early. The show didn’t start until 10:20 and ended at 1 am!! If they had started at a decent hour I would have been able to catch nearly all of it, but it didn’t and I left at midnight.
    I hope you’re right Eddie, I hope they do make another Run and I hope it’s in Arenas and not a hot barn.

  • Doug on

    I think that is a great point about Axl working with AC/DC!

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