Been a crazy past week. Had a great shoot for a new TBA TV show last Thursday in Sturgis. Interviewed George Thorogood, Jesse James DuPree, shot some guns, rode a motorcycle, visited Buffalo Chip & Full Throttle. Had a blast. Air details TBA. Also had a good time hosting Sierra View Music Festival this past Saturday in Oakdale CA. Thanks to Jim Brunk and Tony Lopez for having me.

Next up I do my SiriusXM Volume show live from House Of Blues in Houston this Thursday and Friday 1-3P Central. This is free and open to the public. Friday I host Stephen Pearcy & Bulletboys at Tumbleweeds in Houston. Hope to see you in Houston!

Shrinedom has just added two more bands in Irasburg VT 9/16. Vince Neil and Slaughter are now on. Hope to see you there.

Just added 10/22 I’ll be in Tulsa hosting Warrant and Firehouse at IDL Ballroom.

New podcast this Thursday with Joe Elliot and Rex Brown. Free www.PodcastOne.com or Itunes.

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  1. Saw Gene’s solo show at some funny casino in MN…the crowd was some very odd mix from youngsters to the elderly. Gene said some very nice things about Ace though.

    1. Gene said some very nice things about Ace? SHOCK ME!! Hmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    2. Wouldn’t surprise me Doug….Gene said he hadn’t seen Ace that healthy and in good spirit in decades….said he loved Ace, he was really happy to see Ace doing well, it wasn’t b.s……..and then he did Cold Gin and also Parasite…it’s funny watching Gene, I don’t think he thinks some of his own songs are all that good…he’s actually a lot like Ace.

    3. That’s true, Gene sang most of the songs Ace wrote/co-wrote in the early years. Cold Gin always surprised me though, Gene being so anti alcohol/liquor, I always thought that song would’ve been a better voice for Peter, and Strange Ways for Gene, other than just the backing vocals. But what do I know, JMO.

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