Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ll be live 6-10P ET tonight on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKnation for music and talk that rocks! Been jammed with in studio guests lately and that continues tonight when Jack Russell of Great White drops by. Jack will also play an acoustic song live in studio. Jack’s Great White is performing at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ tonight, so he will be in early in the show close to 6P ET. Will also have plenty of time for one on one calls. Been a while since we had some alone time..haha. Also new and classic music. Join me LIVE on Sirius or XM channel 39 (Hair Nation) 3-7P Pacific tonight!


Excited to be headed to Wauconda IL and Kalamazoo MI this weekend for two great events headlined by Ratt. See the banners on the home page for more info. I’ll also be at the pre party this Friday in Wauconda with LA Guns. Look forward to seeing you if in the area. Many have asked about meet & greets. That is up to the respective promoters but will do my best to get around at all gigs and say hi.


So great to have Breaking Bad back on, even though it’s the last 8 shows. Such an amazing show. Also you must watch Ray Donovan on Showtime, great TV! I think I’ve finally given up on True Blood. Man did they ruin this show the last couple seasons… Can’t wait for new SOA episodes.

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  1. Hey Eddie –
    Maybe can you play a song or 2 from Warrant – since its the anniversary of Jani Lane’s Passing.
    From Dog Eat Dog “All my bridges are burning” track 8 & From Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rick, track 6 the title track : D.R.F.S.R. – Love the radio shows on mondays and fridays.
    Thanks Brian from Long Island

    PS: Maybe you Talk about Jani with Jack Russell tonight since they were friends. thanks again

  2. I have been watching TMS for a while now, and I’m sure I have missed a few episodes but I have never heard any of y’all mention the band Tool. Is there a reason why? I find it hard to believe that no one on your show respects their music and especially their live shows. If TOOL has been talked about on a past episode then I feel y’all don’t talk about them enough.

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