Summer seems to be blowing by. Hope you all are having a good one.

Be sure to have a listen to my latest podcast. It features a new interview with Don Dokken talking about the coming, very brief, Dokken reunion. Rarely has anyone been so refreshingly honest about the motives behind a reunion! It’s a fun chat I think you will like. Grab it free on Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com

This week also includes a new interview with Glenn Hughes, who is now on his first ever US solo tour. I hosted a show with GH in NYC this past Wednesday. It is STUNNING what he can still do vocally! And his trio kicks ass as well. See them if you can! Few singers on the planet can do what Glenn can still do after all these years, amazing! New album coming soon too!

I am super excited to share with you all soon some new on a few new projects. Can’t wait, coming soon. Also for those asking about TMS apparently the “new” MTV Classic is going to show old episodes. No word still about new shows.

FM “Eddie Trunk Rocks” show this weekend features an interview with Robert Trujillo of Metallica. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Streaming free on both as well.

Live on SiriusXM this Monday 6-10P ET on channel 39 with the guy who invented the Dio hologram!

I’ll be in LA next Wednesday 8/17 for launch events for the Hair Nation Festival. Join me 5-7P at The Rainbow then 7-11 at The Whiskey for a Battle Of The Bands.

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  • shannon mehaffey on

    Dokken still is the soundtrack to my life…..

    • Doug R. on

      What about my needs, Shannon?

    • shannon mehaffey on

      Doug, it’s Night By Night…then you go to that fade out with George’s encompassing narrative, and there you are, with that Russian babe you just met 45 minutes ago…uhhhhh

    • Dana on

      Back For The Attack is such an underrated album, and in fact, might be favorite.

      D 🙂

    • shannon mehaffey on

      Absolutely Dana, love how many songs are on it, and all are up to scratch, some, great…Dokken is that rarity, ironically, some very deep music…

    • Doug R. on

      LMAO Shannon! Gotta go bro, I’m going sailing today. Just hope I don’t get shipwrecked on Gilligan’s island, LOL! Cue the Styx, or Sammy Hagar, or Rod Stewart, or maybe even Christopher Cross (ducking) LOL!!! All good! Cheers! 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      Shannon, my reply was to your reply to my reply, not to your reply to Dana’s reply, sh-t, now I got a headache! And now I’m in the mood to listen to Genesis’ “No Reply At All!” …Anybody listening? 😉

  • dave wilson on

    You should have gotten out more. LOL

    • shannon mehaffey on

      well, what have you done with your life?

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Do we need tickets or have to be on a list or anything for the event at the Rainbow?

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Doug, that’s what I figured…lately for me, it’s been “Into the Fire,” Dokken: (or any band), I don’t care what occurs backstage, it’s what happens onstage, that’s all I care about.

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